Oil Absorbing Bio-Cube 2lb

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The Bio-Cubes are for use in Oil/Water Separators (OWS) they contain oil eating microbes that will digest the oil in your OWS and help reduce the solids/sludge in your OWS thereby reducing or eliminating the need to pump out your OWS.

Suspend the cube in the first stage of your OWS; make sure the cube is completely submerged in the water. The cube will slowly dissolve and release the oil eating microbes. The cube will last between 30 & 90 days depending on the water flow into your OWS.

The Bio-Cube is a solid blend of product consisting of naturally occurring; scientifically selected (but not genetically manipulated) microbes formulated to bio-remediate all factions of crude or modified petroleum products and paraffin wax. The Bio-Cube is a blend of six anaerobic microbial cultures that are effective across a wide spectrum of substrates and continue enzyme production until almost all oil contaminants are consumed. The Bio-Cube is most commonly used in oil-water separators to control petroleum hydrocarbon levels.

  • 2lb. Bio-Cube (20082) for OWS under 1,000 gallons.
  • The image pictured above displays the 5lb and the 2lb cube. If you would like to order the 5lb cube, please order part number 20085.

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I would like to have more information about this product regarding the water temperature for optimal results as well as the time frame that must be allowed for the microbes to eat oil. Thanks,

–Alexis Morin-Côté 10/25/2019 8:20:21 AM

Hi, Alexis! Optimum water temperature should be between 70-105 F. The time frame for degradation of the hydrocarbons relies on many variables, such as the type of oil and volume of the oil, flow rate, dwell time, temperature, etc. There is no way to give an accurate time of degradation, especially if you are adding more effluents into the system on a daily basis. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 10/31/2019 10:57:16 AM

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