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Universal Cleaner + Microbes (UC+)

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Product description

UC+ is an innovative powerful, all purpose, water-based cleaner that is fit for your toughest needs. UC+ will assist in converting oils, greases, and fat removed during the cleaning process to safer carbon dioxide and water.

  • UC+ is strong enough to remove substances ranging from general Industrial cleaning to heavier greases and oils.
  • Readily bio-degradable, contains no Butyl, Phosphates, Nitrates, Chlorinated Solvents, or Petroleum by-products.
  • UC+ exceeds the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) specifications for cleaners.
  • UC+ requires no special handling or storing precautions. Safe to store in normal settings and is both user and eco-friendly.
  • UC+ is an amazing product that will not only reduce your carbon footprint; it also exceeds all the standards that are considered to be an environmentally conscious cleaner.
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