Amazing Moving Photo: It Takes a Village to Move!


(My sister snapped this photo on one of her world travels.)

Wow. You thought your last move was tough?  Let’s hope there is no traffic coming the other way in this village. I applaud their effort.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a team like this the next time you move? Well, you can. Today, there are basically three ways to move.

Option A — Total Do-It-Yourself move (see above pic.)

This move involves you renting a moving truck and packing your belongings in moving boxesshrink wrapping your furniture and loading everything yourself into your moving truck. Then you drive anywhere from a 10 foot to 26 foot moving truck to your new home and unloading your moving truck and unpack everything. The advantages are you have complete control over your entire move and you will save the most money. The disadvantages are it will consume the most of your personal time and will be physically demanding on you body.

Option B — Full Service move (vanline)

This type of move will require you to find a moving company that provides both a moving truck and the movers to pack, load, unload and unpack your household items. They will also drive their moving truck. The advantages are everything is done for you and there is minimal time and effort required by you. The disadvantages are it is the most costly way to move and once your household goods are placed on their moving truck, you technically do not have control over your possessions. If there is a dispute about fees and your possessions are still on their truck, they have the ability to hold your possessions (hostage) until the fees are paid.

Option C — and hire Moving Help Providers

This is a fairly new way of moving where you can rent your own moving truck and then hire professionals separately to provide any of the following services a la carte —

* Loading Help                         * Packing Help                     * Driving Help

*  Unloading Help                     * Unpacking Help               * Cleaning Help

There are several advantages to this approach. First of all, it is the most efficient, cost-effective way to move, because you are basically getting the best of Option A and Option B. You are saving money by separately renting a moving truck and hiring the moving labor helpers. If you don’t believe me, compare prices —> Any vanline moving company vs U-Haul rental truck + You will can save as much as 75% off your move. Disadvantage is you have to go rent your own truck, but then anything loaded on it is always under your control. Option C also applies if you are renting a U-Box Container (Read one customer’s experience using a U-Box Container.)

When it comes to moving — the choice is yours.