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Do you have questions about moving, storage or organization? We are here to help! Whether you need to know the best way to pack an item, or to determine which type of moving equipment you need, we have the answer. To ask the expert, utilize the forum below to ask a question, or email us your questions at . We’ll either respond to the post directly, or your question could be selected as one of our featured questions!

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    • Wendy B

      Hi Pete, thanks for your question! We do not reserve moving equipment at the Moving Insider website, but you can make a reservation online by visiting, and entering your desired pickup date and location, as well as your destination (drop-off) location. Thanks again for your question and have a great move!

  1. Pam Jolly

    Hi,last year I moved and drove one of your 24′ trucks from Baton Rouge, LA to Denver Co and was quite comfortable with the handling. However, I am moving back to Baton Rouge and plan on another 24′ truck but with my car loaded on a carrier (not dolly). I am nervous about the carrier and handling since I have never towed anything before! Can you help me with anything I should be aware of? I am a 62 year old female with a sense of adventure, but not sure about maneuvering the truck and carrier. Thank you for any insight.

    • Wendy B

      Hi Pam, and thanks for your question. Believe it or not, towing an auto trailer behind your moving truck is not as daunting as it seems. To start, you want to be sure to load your vehicle securely (this post explains how) many centers are happy to do this for you. Drive about 10 MPH under the speed limit when towing an auto trailer, and remember that the stopping distance of your truck/trailer combination will be greater than that of the truck alone, so allow extra distance between you and the car in front of you. For more tips, take a look at this post: 6 Simple Trailer Driving Tips, and this one: Ask the Expert: Driving with a Trailer. Good luck on your move, Pam. Let us know how it goes!

    • Wendy B

      Hi Travis, and thank you for your question! We don’t rent or sell furniture pads on Moving Insider, but these ones are made of recycled denim. They measure 65″ x 85″ and come with a reusable bag for storage. I hope they work for you, and good luck on your move!

  2. Hi: Are there specific instructions/pictures on how to pack certain boxes like the Dish Barrel Cell Kit with the dish barrel box –not just putting the boxes together but showing how to put the stemware/plates actually in the box?

  3. Hi Geri,

    Thanks for your question! We do have a few instructions as well as videos below on how to pack specific boxes. Check out some of the options below:

    Glass Pack Kit

    How to Pack Moving Boxes

    Minute Moves – Dishes

    Happy packing!

  4. Patti Castro

    What is the mileage fee for Lubbock, TX to McCamey, TX. I know that we get 168 miles with the rental, but it will be 244 miles total by the time we return the truck to Odessa, TX. That gives us about 80 miles over. What is the fee we apply to that 80 miles?

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I’m reaching out in response to your “Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify First” article.

    I wanted to ask whether you’d be interested in including a link to Updater ( in your article. Updater provides change of location services all in one place, from filling out your change of address forms to notifying the businesses that you care most about — minus all the headaches and paperwork. I think it would be a great addition to the moving tips that you’ve outlined so well in your article.

    Let me know what you think! I can best be reached at


    • Paige E

      Hi Elizabeth, The rates can be located through You will need to know the day you want to pick up the equipment as day of the month does play a factor in our rates they are usually higher towards the end of the month. You can also speak to one of U-Haul’s Reservation Specialists at 1-877-230-4427. That is the number the Regional Office for De Pere, WI who will be responsible for scheduling the reservation for pick up. They can provide you with rates any discounts they may offer and help in making the reservation!

  6. Muhammad Javed Iqbal


    Does U-Haul require any advance notice before vacating a storage unit and closing/terminating the contract at customer request? If yes, how many days is the notice period ?



    • Paige E

      There is not a set amount of days U-Haul requires you to give before vacating the storage unit; however U-Haul does request that you let the location know ahead of time so they can ensure that the next month’s bill is not generated. They normally do not prorate the month so contracts will usually end on the last day of the billing cycle.

  7. Richard

    Can I fit a king size mattress, albeit with a sag, into a 5′ x 8′ U Haul Cargo trailer? It is evident a king mattress will fit into a 6′ x 10′, and for whatever reason the door opening on a 5′ x 8′ trailer is larger than a 5′ x 10′, which is why I inquire on a 5′ x 8′. Thanks

    • Paige E

      Hi Bob, you can determine the best storage unit size you need by the amount of rooms you will be storing as well as the room’s size in square feet. You can find more information on choosing the right storage unit size in this blog post on here.

  8. Ginger & Brad

    Hello! We need to move a travel trailer to the next town. We don’t have a truck to pull it & was wondering if you guys did. One big enough & with the right “hook-ups” in order to do this. If not, do you know of a place tht does? We just need to rent one for the day. Thank you ~ Ginger

    • Paige E

      Hey Ginger! Depends on how heavy your travel trailer is, but I think one of U-Haul’s pickup trucks will do the job. They can tow up to 5,500 lbs. They can’t go one way though, so if you planned on leaving the truck in the town you are going to then I’d recommend a 10′ truck. You can check out all the different trucks and their tow capacities here.

  9. Wayne F

    Can you tell me how much weight can be loaded in a 20 foot or 24 foot U-Haul truck? The load would fit in a 20 footer but I want to make sure I do not exceed the GVWR for what it is intended to haul.

  10. Is a 5×8 cargo trailer easier to haul than a 4×8? I found the 4×8 very difficult to back, and when I returned it to U-Haul, the guys behind the counter confirmed that it was very difficult because of the shortness of the tongue. Is there a reason (besides capacity) that the 5×8 is the most popular rental?

  11. Hi, I am planning to move from St. Paul, MN to Chicago, IL at the end of August (27 or 28). I think my boxes would fit in just one Uhalll moving box container, and I need two helpers. Would you give me an estimate of the cost? Thank you!

  12. Marait

    Hi. I would like to order ubox containers, but my driveway is a little bit elevated and no street parking is allowed by the HOA, do you have any personnel that would check if it is really not possible to park the ubox container on my driveway?
    Sincerely, Mariat

    • Paige E

      Thank you Mariat, I apologize but at this time we do not have any personnel to go out to your home to check beforehand. Although, we do suggest getting the full dimensions of your driveway and with the information you can either call or stop by a local center to help. Click here for more information on U-Box portable storage.

  13. Anne M.

    Hi, I am moving from Maine to Georgia in about 10 days. I’ve rented a 12′ truck to move my 1 BR apartment; however, the truck does not come with a loading ramp. My brothers-in-law, who are helping me, suggested that it would be very helpful to have one, which I of course already knew, but since it doesn’t come with one, what can we do? Suggestions? As an alternative, one of them offered to build one, but we would need to know dimensions. Please help?

    • Paige E

      We think the best option in this case would be to upgrade to a 15′ truck which comes with a ramp. However, if that isn’t an option and you would like dimensions to build a ramp we would recommend calling a U-Haul Center. They will be able to give you detailed measurements right from a truck on the lot.

  14. does any mileage at all come included in the base price for the pickup my trip is 100 miles round trip that would add another $59 to my rental making it approximately $90. I can rent a car for a week for $120

  15. Karen Kellett

    I keep trying to rent a 15ft. truck . I’m not able to get it in my town, so I have to rent it in a surrounding town. But I want to return it in my town. I don’t want to return it where I have to rent it. There is about a $60.00 difference .

  16. Scott, The best course of action here would be to speak with Repwest at 800-528-7134 to discuss coverage & exclusions. Due to the various factors involved with a loss or damage claim, we wouldn’t want to guarantee coverage in all situations.

  17. I’d like to pay for the rental of a trailer to be picked up by my daughter in Des Moines; (i’m in Minneapolis) if I reserve the rental online with my billing information, will they allow her to take the trailer?

  18. Ronald Pogatchnik

    I have a 3 BR home. I am moving 1200 miles to Idaho from Bakersfield.
    I plan on packing the house some myself and some packer help.

    Will I need one or two 26 foot trucks?

    What supplies should I have on hand to allow the packers to have all they need to complete packing. Suggested list please for all supplies! Should I wrap furniture?

    What supplies do I need t secure the goods in the truck? (Blankets ,tie downs, Dollies, Suggested everything I need to get loaded?
    Please give me your suggestions as to what I need relative tot the above information

  19. Virginia

    I expect to have more miles than the reservation lists as I have to make a few stops between pick up and delivery. I cannot find ANYWHERE how to calculate the additional charges. What is the charge for additional miles?
    Same question for additional days? Reservation says 5 days 1,391 miles. It could be 6 days and 1,500 miles.

  20. I have a GMC 2500 Heavy Duty Truck to be towing vehicle. It has the highest class of Frame Mounted hitches and I regularly tow 4 horse Live-in trailer with it so my towing vehicle is not an issue. My question is whether I can tow a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado on it?

  21. I am moving a round dining table with 4 chairs, washer, dryer, 55 inch tv, 37 inch tv, 2 seater sofa, small rocking chair, and a 10 by 11 room full of boxes. What size truck would I need? Can only make one trip. Moving from MI to FL.

  22. Paul Mahoney

    I’ll be renting a 15′ truck. It has been reserved. The interior dimensions as indicated on your website show the vertical clearance to be 7′ 2″. Is that still the clearance when the door is open? How does the door, when fully open, affect the available height?

  23. Another important issue is that if you are a senior citizen, travel insurance intended for pensioners is something you need to really look at. The old you are, greater at risk you’re for allowing something undesirable happen to you while in another country. If you are never covered by many comprehensive insurance coverage, you could have several serious troubles. Thanks for discussing your good tips on this blog site.

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