#Doesitgrill – Fresh Coconut

Coconut is a favorite fruit on many tropical islands.  It just gives you a taste of summer on a beach.  But, what if you grill the coconut?  Will the delicious taste remain or will the grill dry it out and make it taste dried out or bland. I was definitely on the fence as to […]

#Doesitgrill – Grapefruit

This summer, get creative with your grilling skills and try grilling some out-of-the-box foods. You might have seen the previous posts on grilling watermelon and bananas, but now it’s time for a citrus fruit to shine! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make grilled grapefruit. Preparing the Grapefruit There’s a […]

#Doesitgrill – Banana

Grilling is no longer limited to the traditional burgers and steaks. When deciding what items to grill however, you have to take into account their various textures and properties. Although there is an easy way of making grilled banana into a tasty treat, you do not want to toss a banana straight on the grill. […]

#Doesitgrill – Watermelon

Starting the summer right with a nice fresh slice of watermelon right off the grill… huh? This might seem like a waste of time as watermelon is mostly just water, but I assure you it’s not! It may not simply enhance the flavor or anything, but it does add another element to a summertime snack […]