Moving in New York: Parkway Restrictions

If you are moving to New York, you have probably rented a moving truck, cargo van or trailer. In New York, moving equipment rentals are classified as commercial vehicles, so there are parkway restrictions you must be aware of. Moving equipment is considered commercial when branded with a company name, like U-Haul. According to NYC […]

Trailer Hitch 101: Everything You Need to Know

Our vehicles can transport us from point A to point B. But sometimes our cars aren’t as flexible as we would like them to be. Attaching a trailer to a vehicle can maximize how much you haul. Here is everything you need to know regarding a trailer hitch. Trailer Hitch 101 So, having a hitch […]

3 Things To Check Off Before A Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle 

When planning a road trip, it’s always good to live by the five P’s; proper preparation prevents poor performance. There are many unknowns when you’re on the road, but if you plan correctly, you can minimize the risk. Here are the top 3 things to prepare for a road trip in an electric vehicle. Stay […]

The Four Coolest Hitch Covers

You’ve had a hitch installed onto your vehicle and enjoyed many trips with the ability to haul your gear anywhere. Keeping your hitch protected is important, but how do you do that? The answer is simple: Get a hitch cover. Although it may seem like an added expense, a hitch cover can help extend its […]

What to Expect When Installing a Hitch

If you’re planning on towing something soon, you’re going to need to get a hitch on your vehicle. And don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to be a towing expert! That’s what we’re here for. Here’s what to expect when installing a hitch. What Is a Hitch? A hitch is an automotive accessory that is […]

What Size Hitch Ball Do I Need For My Trailer?

Choosing The Right Hitch Ball The journey of finding a hitch ball may seem overwhelming. Because there are different specs you need to look into. Let us be your guide to finding the right ball for your trailer. So, the first is knowing that there are only three standard sizes in the United States: Considering how many […]

How Electric Vehicles Are Changing The Way You Drive

Many people are transitioning to electric vehicles for sustainability and to be more eco-friendly. But your new electric car can do so much more. Here is how electric vehicles are becoming more common for hauling and towing. No going back now With the increase in EVs, you will definitely find yourself wondering if now is […]

5 Ways to Use Truck Share 24/7

We all have been in a situation where we need a bigger vehicle whether it’s for moving, picking up new furniture, or cleaning out the garage. But when you don’t have the right vehicle, these simple projects end up being a bigger deal than necessary. Luckily with the help of Truck Share 24/7, finding the […]

What Can You Tow With a Utility Trailer?

Towing with a utility trailer allows for loads that wouldn’t normally fit in your car to be transported as you needed. A trailer can keep your car from feeling overcrowded on long trips. Not to mention utility trailers are easy to load and come with heavy-duty tie-down rings that can be used to secure all […]

Moving Across The Country With Kids

My family and I moved across the country and if you’re seeking advice just as I was before embarking on this adventure, I am here to tell you that you can do it! In this blog post, you will find my experience on moving/driving across the country with a child, tips on what I wish […]

Summer Activities with a Trailer

Summer is the time to kick back and have fun. There’s so much to do and only a few months to do it all. We’ll help you get started by providing a list of summer activities with a trailer that you’ll love. Camping When it comes to summer activities with a trailer, what better way […]

Trailer Tips for Summer

Summer is finally here and that means great deals and new activities are kicking off. Whether you’re planning a day of exploring great finds at a flea market, landscaping, or donating items to a local charity, renting a trailer is exactly what you need. We’re here to share important trailer tips with you to make […]