Remodeling Made Easier

As a moving product expert, I get to help people choose the right products and services, often when they don’t even know they exist! I was recently invited to appear on Lifetime network’s show, “Designing Spaces,” as they were helping a couple extensively remodel a few rooms in their home before their daughters returned from college for winter break. The challenge […]

Best Bike Rack for Your Hitch

When I was a kid, my dad took my brother and I on a camping/ mountain bike trip.  We had our Ford Explorer packed with camping gear and our bikes were strapped to the roof rack.  Shortly after leaving home my brother got sick in the back seat and my dad, in a panic, decided […]

Alternative Fuels: Propane vs. CNG

If  gas prices, foreign oil, car pollution, and gas consumption are popular topics in your household, as they are for many Americans, chances are you have thought about the possibility of Alternative Fuel Vehicles.  Now this is not a new concept but one that is growing more and more popular as people search for more […]

How to Host a BBQ on a Budget

Hosting a summertime BBQ can get expensive.  Especially if you have a big family and lots of friends and neighbors to feed.  Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can do to cut BBQ expenses and finally say goodbye to those BBQ blues. Use glassware instead of plastic. Instead of buying disposable cups, flatware and […]

The Benefits of Grilling with Propane

Did someone say propane?  With grilling season in full swing, the age old debate of Propane vs. Charcoal continues in neighborhoods across the country.  Well, it’s time to put down your swords and pick up your skewers as we give you a list of 5 benefits of grilling with Propane! Do you have more benefits […]

What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that special time of year again where we can anxiously await the calm after the holidays, and the start of a fresh new year. The new year is a wonderful time to make resolutions and turn over a new leaf in your life. What does 2013 hold for the moving insiders? Below, we each […]

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

In the spirit of the holidays upon us, we asked our moving insiders what their favorite holiday tradition is when they’re taking a break from all things moving. Here’s what they said: “My favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family. Every year, my G-Ma (grandma) makes homemade Sicilian pizza. It’s seriously the […]

What Are You Thankful for?

Thanksgiving traditions are many. Whether you’re playing a family football game out back, or sitting down together to a hearty turkey dinner, spending time with loved ones and remembering all we have to be thankful for is what this holiday is all about. Giving thanks is something we should do year round, but especially today. […]

Welcome to Moving Insider

Welcome to the new Moving Insider blog.  Over 40 million people move in the U.S. and Canada every year. Since the average person moves every seven years, we tend to forget about some of the important issues when it comes to moving. Well, we are here for you. Moving Insider is a place where we […]