Clearing Out the Clutter: Where to Donate Your Junk

clutter landfill
Photo by D’Arcy Norman.

Are you moving, redecorating or just tired of the amount of clutter in your home? You probably have piles of stuff you could throw out. But, why clog up the landfills with more trash or pay for a junk removal service? There are lots of organizations or individuals that would gladly take your hand-me-downs. Sometimes, they’ll even come to you.

Of course, you can always try to sell your belongings online or through the classifieds, but that can be a hassle if you don’t have a lot of time to list and sell each item. Below you’ll find different charitable organizations where you can donate your items—plus you’ll be helping those less fortunate.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Donate to a charitable organization in your area. If you have a lot to donate, call and see if they have a pickup service. Some of the more popular organizations include:

Prescription Eyewear: OneSight is an organization that accepts gently used eyewear.

Wedding/Bridesmaid Dresses, Evening Gowns & Tuxedos/Suits


  • Cell Phones: Drop them off at a Cell Phones for Soldiers donation location.
  • Computers: There are tons of organizations that will take your old computer. Don’t forget to delete any sensitive information off the device before you get rid of it.



Vehicles: Working or not, most charities will come to you to pick up your old clunker.

Children’s Toys and Furniture

  • Your local hospital’s children’s wing, your local mission or church, and Toys for Tots are great places to donate gently used toys.
  • Check to see if there are any young mother programs in your community that accept used toys, furniture or clothes.
  • Donate to any of the charitable organizations mentioned under the “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories” section.

Furniture, Home Decor & Appliances

  • Charitable organizations and donation centers will accept most used furniture. Most of the larger organizations have a pickup service. There is normally a waiting list, so call early to schedule your appointment.
  • Donating a bed is tricky. Most thrift stores and donation centers don’t take mattresses or box springs for hygienic reasons. There are organizations that will take them. Check with your local shelters to see if they accept gently used beds.
  • There are a handful of organizations that will take your used, functioning appliances.