How Many Boxes Do I Need to Move?

How to decide how many boxes you need.
We can help you figure out how many boxes you will need for your move.

How many boxes do I need to move?

When you are planning on moving, this is an important question to ask. The answer depends on how much stuff you have. It will vary depending on how many people and the size of your home. An apartment may take only around 20 boxes, while a 3-4 bedroom house may require over 100 boxes of various sizes. U-Haul has a packing planner you can find here that will help you pinpoint your needs, from the smallest of moves up to the largest.

Another option is to buy box kits that have a variety of sizes suited to you. You may supplement the kits with extra boxes in whatever size you think you may need the most of.

It is better to over-estimate and return what you do not use than to run out and overload when you are packing. Over filling your boxes can lead to your items breaking and also makes stacking and moving the boxes much more difficult.  U-Haul offers a 100% buy back guarantee for unused boxes with receipt, so you don’t have to worry about left overs.