Healthy Snacks for Your Move

As you prepare to pack up the moving truck and head toward your new home, it’s important to spend time planning the snacks you will take with you for the road. Once the hunger pangs strike, you may be far from any version of health food and only have the option of vending machines and gas stations. Planning ahead will ensure you have healthy and convenient choices and allow you to make the most of your en route snacking.

The Formula for a Healthy Snack

When choosing high quality and nutritious snacks for your move, there are three important dietary components you should consider.

1. Calories. Our bodies need calories in order to make use of energy from food. Because you will be sedentary during your drive, you will not be burning many calories; therefore, it’s not necessary to feed your body with high calorie snacks. Reserve your calorie-dense noshes for right before the unpacking process when you will need much more stamina. 

3. Protein.  Protein is one of the most essential building blocks in our bodies. It helps our bodies run smoothly, and keeps them from using stored muscle for energy. There are both animal proteins which come from products like meat and eggs, and vegetable proteins that come from whole grains, nuts, and soy. Filling up on protein, rather than carbohydrates, will help your body make better use of your energy during your move.

2. Fiber.  Fiber is an important component of a well-balanced diet. It not only has the ability to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels, but eating snacks that are high in fiber during your road trip can also help you feel fuller longer and give you sustained energy for the road ahead.

                                                   Convenience is Key

healthy snackKeeping food cold during a long move can prove to be a challenge. When possible, choose nutritious snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated such as almonds, dried fruit, and lean beef jerky. Consider a small cooler in the cab of your U-Haul to house items that must be kept cool. Here, you can pack fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh deli meat.

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