Keeping Your Kids Entertained During the Move

It is a well known fact that kids are especially restless. When it comes to a cross-country move, how can you keep them entertained during the long stretches on the road? Below, we share some of our favorite activities to keep your kids busy during the move. These activities are a surefire way to keep boredom at bay- not only for the kids, but for the whole family!

Games: Kids love to challenge their minds and imaginations. The length of time they can be engrossed in games is limited only by your creativity in thinking of them! Consider a game that centers on landmarks or typical objects you will pass along the way. Some examples of this include,


I Spy- One passenger chooses an item in plain site for everyone. The others in the car can only ask “yes” or “no” questions about the object until one person can guess what the item is. The spy can offer additional clues if the other players are stumped. More on how to play here.

Who am I?- Think of someone you know, friend or relative.  Give a few hints like “She has blonde hair and glasses”.  Let everyone go around one time with their guess. If no one guesses add another hint like “she laughs funny”. From Karen S. at Mom’

SuperGraphics Travel Game- This U-Haul SuperGraphics Travel Game helps your children learn more about geography, and the SuperGraphics fun facts you see on the side of U-Haul moving vans. They can make new discoveries, earn achievements and share with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Download app here.

kidsColoring: A great way to stimulate creativity in children is coloring. While on the road, be sure to store coloring materials in a container that allows easy access to the materials while traveling. A small plastic container is great for crayons, while simple folders with pockets can house coloring images printed from the computer. One of our favorite sources for coloring sheets is the SuperGraphics coloring contest. The graphics are fun, educational, and even present the opportunity for winning a prize! Here’s how it works: SuperGraphics Coloring Contest.

Movies: While this option is not as interactive as the others, it can be a great way to break up the other activities along the way. Their attention will be held easily for 1.5-2 hours and, fair warning, this may even induce sleepiness (naptime, anyone?)

Stories: Telling stories is a great way to combine learning and understanding. Consider an interactive take on storytelling by getting everyone involved. Have one person start the story and each person adds their own addition to it. You never know what your kids will come up with, and their creativity will have everyone amused.

If your drive is particularly long, be sure to stop often to take breaks that allow you and your children to stretch and get some fresh air. For great moves to get the blood flowing at rest stops, check out our Pinterest board.