Moving Products Made in the USA

American Moving Products

This week we feature some of our favorite U.S.A made moving products, in honor of Independence Day, and our undying support for all things American!

The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate the birth of our great country, and be thankful for the freedoms we have been afforded as Americans. Supporting our country is possible by making the simplest of changes, including purchasing American-made products.

Moving Trucks: One of the most basic and necessary components of a DIY move is the rental truck. U-Haul’s moving trucks are assembled 100% in the U.S.A. (Ohio and Missouri).

Trailers: For a lightweight and easy way to tow it or haul it, choose a trailer. U-Haul trailers and towing equipment are made in the US, at U-Haul’s two welding plants and 6 assembly plants located in AZ, CA, IN, MI, PA, MA. Pair that with a Made in the  USA Hitch and you are ready to get on the road!

Hitches: If you’re renting a trailer, than you will need a high-quality hitch installed on your vehicle. The hitch can even be used even after the move for a bike rack! All U-Haul hitches are made in USA (not the ball mounts or balls though).

Utility Dolly: To save your back, and reduce loading and unloading time, one of the best tools for your move will be a utility dolly. Load this dolly up with up to 600 lbs worth of items, and easily control with one or two hands.

Packing Accessories:Many of the most common and convenient packing accessories, are also made in the USA! Some of our favorite must-haves such as packing peanuts, paper, and bubble-wrap, are even better because they are domestic products.

Just for fun and festivity, the following products are also made right here, in the USA:

Propane Tanks: Grilling out on the Fourth is practically mandatory. Why not use a propane tank that is made in the America?!

‘National Pride’ Hitch Receiver Cover: If you’re proud to be an American, you can let everyone know with this patriotic trailer hitch accessory that is also functional.

This Fourth of July, go the extra mile and support of our country by purchasing and using domestically made moving products. You will enjoy high-quality, and a great sense of pride.