5 Android Apps for Your Cross Country Move

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These android apps will make your life easier!

I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to my smartphone. It has made so many parts of my life easier. If you are planning on renting a truck and driving it cross country to move, it can make that easier for you too. Here are 5 great Android apps to download before your cross country move.

Google Maps Navigation: Google Maps Navigation android appsGoogle Navigation is great for those of you prone to getting lost. Just put in your destination and then follow the turn-by-turn directions until you get there. Much easier to use than paper maps and whoever is sitting in the passengers seat, and no need to throw out extra money for a dedicated GPS unit. Best of all, this app is probably already on your Android phone.

GasBuddy App Save Money on Gas android appsGas Buddy: Driving a moving truck fully loaded with all of your worldly possessions across the country can burn through a lot of fuel. With this app, even when you are in a strange new city you can still find the cheapest place to fill up the tank.

Top 5 Android Apps For Moving - Astrid
It is particularly important to stay organized when you are moving.

Organize your move with Astrid android appsAstrid Task/To-do List: A cross country move can be stressful, and that is why it is best to be organized. Astrid helps you easily set up to-do lists, set tasks, deadlines and reminders for yourself. After your move, Astrid (and other apps like it) can help you organize your every day life as well.

In-car dashboard app android appsCar Home Ultra: This app provides a handy dashboard shows you your speed, direction, weather and more during your drive. You can also put shortcuts to other apps you may be using when you move. Just remember to pull over before operating your phone!

TripIt Travel Organizer android appsTripIt Travel Organizer: TripIt is great for all sorts of trips. It allows you to put in your hotels and map out your journey. When you get to your destination it can also help you find restaurants and more nearby.

Hopefully these apps can make your move less stressful and more organized!

Do you have any other Apps that you have used for Moving? Share them in the comments section!

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