5 Safety Tips for loading a Moving Truck

Loading a moving truck can be a daunting task, so many people will try to rush through it. It is important that you and all your Moving Helpers are aware of a few safety tips before loading your truck to prevent injury and damage to your belongings.

5 Safety Tips for loading a Moving Truck

Forearm Forklift moving truck
Be reasonable about what you can lift on your own.
  1. Take your time: There is no need to cut corners or risk injury during your move. After all most injuries can take more time to heal than you could ever save by rushing.
  2. Ramp Safety: Do not hold the ramp or have the ramp extended while the truck is backing up or in motion.  Make sure the ramp is secured into the “slots” of the truck after extending it all the way out.
  3. Heavy Lifting: Do not attempt to load any item you can’t lift on your own. Always get help on heavier items. Consider a forearm forklift or a box strap to ease back and leg strain. Use and Appliance or Utility Dolly to reduce trips and injury!
  4. Wear Proper attire: Do not wear open toe shoes such as flip flops when moving, tennis shoes or work boots are the best choice to prevent injuries.  Also avoid overly loose clothing items, as they can get caught and ripped. For more information on what to wear on moving day, check out this post: What to Wear on Moving Day.
  5. Never ride in Back of the van: The box of the moving truck is not built to hold passengers. Even if you are just going around the corner, or across the street, using the back of the truck as a “people mover” is never a good idea.

Now that you are aware of safety precautions, get ready to load! Check out this post 9 Tips to Prepare for loading a Moving Truck and How to Load a Moving Truck.