5 More Fun Ways to Reuse Moving Boxes

Box fort project for kids reuse
Box Fort image via Marshall Brain at howstuffworks.com

Are you still looking for more ways to reuse your cardboard boxes? Then you are in luck because today we are bringing you 5 more cool DIY cardboard projects.

1. Build a Robot: Who doesn’t need a cool robotic arm made out of cardboard? This build-it-yourself robotic kit lets you make a robotic arm with either a camera mount or claw attachment. Right now you can find the you can back the project here: kickstarter.com

Reuse Cardboard box baskets
Cardboard Box Baskets from brownpaper–packages.com

2.  Box Fort: If you didn’t get a chance to build a box fort as a kid, then you really missed out. All you really need to build a fort like the one above are boxes and imagination. You can find some great box fort inspiration here: howstuffworks.com

3. Macro Photo Studio: Do you have an interest in photography? Maybe you want to look into creating your very own DIY macro photo studio for under $10.  With a small book box, some white tissue paper and some poster board you can be taking great macro photos in no time. Step by step instructions can be found here: strobist.blobspot.com

4. Baskets: With a little bit of decoration an old File box can become a cheap basket that is great for organizing your stuff. Instructions on how to create your own can be found here: brownpaper–packages.com

Lapdesk made from cardboard boxes reuse
Lapdesk from makingfriends.com

5. Lap Desk: Do your kids like to color at home or in the car? You can turn your old moving box into a cheap and easy lap desk for your children to work on. Full step by step instructions are here: makingfriends.com

If none of these ideas sound good to you, don’t just throw your old boxes away. U-Haul Moving boxes are built for multiple moves or many years in storage. U-Haul has set up a free box exchange to connect people who need boxes with those who already have them. That way you help to keep your old boxes out of landfills. U-Haul Box Exchange is here: uhaul.com