Insider’s Scoop: Moving to College


It seems like the trending topic this week is moving to college. You know it’s about that time when you live in a college town and all you see is U-Haul trucks! There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re moving to college or moving a family member to college.  Many  young adults get overwhelmed when they start college because everything they are used to has changed! Mom doesn’t do the laundry, there is no curfew, and homework is a lot harder! Here are some tips from student advisers on how to get over your fear of moving to college.  One thing that will always help with transition, is being prepared. Waiting until you arrive at school to buy your books or get signed up for orientation will only create more anxiety. Here are 5 things you need to do before moving to college.  

Now that you are mentally and strategically prepared for starting school, lets talk about the move. Whether you are moving in to a dorm room, sharing a house, or getting an apartment chances are you are so excited to be out on your own, that you may not stop and think about how your place is going to fit in to your new life.  Here are some things to consider before choosing a place to live in college.

moving to college
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Once you have chosen a place to live, you need to work on moving in.  Here are 15 steps to move in to a dorm room put together by the wikihow community Depending on how far you are moving and how much stuff you are bringing, you have several options for getting it all there. If you are moving in to a dorm and not bringing very much furniture, a great option is to ship your things to school with a company like CollegeBoxes.  If you are setting up in an apartment or sharing a house, you will likely be bringing some furniture with you, so you will probably need a small Moving Truck or Cargo style trailer.  Especially if you are renting moving equipment, plan this ahead! You can save money if you move during the week or in the middle of the month. This will also help your chances of getting the size truck you need, when you need it! After you get all your stuff moved and you are settling in, you should probably read this post on how to survive your first day of college!

College is an exciting adventure, and if you plan accordingly the transition to you new life can be much easier! We love hearing great moving stories, so tell us how your move to college went.

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