Romantic Moving Proposals

The most romantic moments can happen when you are least expecting them. Even moving? The answer is yes. If you don’t believe us, check out this romantic proposal video:

So, here’s the scoop: Beth thinks boyfriend Pat is away at school. Meanwhile, some friends are delivering furniture to her apartment in a U-Haul truck. A sign on the door of the U-Haul reads, “If you’re in it for the ‘long haul,’ then open up!”. Beth then opens the truck to find Pat, down on one knee and ring in hand. He is holding a sign that asks, “Will you marry me?”. Beth is overcome with joy and tears of happiness, but what does she say? Watch and find out!

One more engagement proposal accepted in a U-Haul!

Moving can be a great time to propose if you really are in it for the “long haul”, and we certainly think the U-Haul is a good omen; just take a hint from yet another romantic moving story,  Andy and Betsy Zenz. He proposed to her in the back of a 20-foot U-Haul van a whole year after he helped her move cross-country during the beginning of their relationship. That 15-hour drive took their relationship to a whole new level. Once Andy was ready to propose, it only seemed natural to include a U-Haul in the plans. He convinced Betsy they were helping a friend move and they drove out near the lake. Once they arrived and the friend was nowhere in site, Andy asked Betsy to check the back of the truck to make sure the cargo was “OK”. Once back there, Betsy found a single box filled with packing peanuts, and a ring. Andy dropped to one knee and proposed; Betsy said yes!

Daniel and Tia, sitting in a truck.

But, what if the couple has spent years apart doing the long-distance thing? A U-Haul proposal can still be extremely romantic. All you need to do is take a tip from Daniel Inabinett. He met Tia while they were both missionaries in Peru. While they weren’t allowed to “date” each other”, they formed a very strong foundation of friendship. When they both returned to the states, it took several years for things to come together for them. After maintaining a long-distance relationship for years, Tia  found a job in Mississippi, near Daniel. The couple was overjoyed. When Daniel decided he was ready to propose, he figured that doing so in a U-Haul just seemed right. Even Tia’s father said, “At first it didn’t sound very romantic. I thought, ‘In the back of a U-Haul truck?’ But, that’s their life. In a two-year period I think my daughter has moved five times.” Tia was also a fan of the proposal (which she accepted) saying, “I liked the idea because it suited our relationship… it symbolized being able to move some place with someone that I love.”

Congratulations to each of these romantic couples. May your futures together be filled with love! 

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