How Long Does It Take To Move?

How long does it take to move?
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How long does it take to move? Time can be tight when you are moving, so it is important to estimate how long it will take so you can plan accordingly.

Start with a general rule of thumb – In addition to your travel time, a 1 bedroom or studio will generally take 2-3 hours of loading time. For every additional bedroom in your home you can add 1-2 hours to your total move. This time can be much shorter or longer because of the following factors:

Preparedness – Are you packed  and organized already? If you aren’t well packed before moving day then not only will you have to spend more time packing, but your things may get lost or broken in the shuffle.  If all your boxes are packed at the beginning of your move, you will be able to use the space in your moving equipment  more efficiently. You should begin packing several weeks before your move. Start with the items you use less often, and finish right before your move by packing your daily use items. We have many great articles to help you pack and organize in our packing category on Moving Insider.

What Are You Moving? – How much furniture do you have? How many boxes do you have?  The move of a person with minimal possessions will go much more quickly than when moving a pack rat, even if the homes themselves are the same size. Plan on spending additional time moving the rooms with more stuff in them.

Number of Trips – How will you be moving? If you are carting items back and forth in a smaller vehicle, then your move can last much longer than if you were to just do everything in one trip. How much extra time this will mean for your move depends on the distance between you and your new home. This is definitely something to remember at the time you are making a reservation for a moving truck or trailer. Going one size larger may be a bit more expensive, but it may save you on time and gas.

how long does it take to moveMan Power – More hands lightens the load. How many people will be helping with your move? Some things in particular are much quicker to move with more people, such as large and awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture. If you are running short on brawny friends to lend a hand, you should check out an online marketplace for laborers that can be paid on an hourly basis.

How long does it take to move? The real answer is that it depends on you and your circumstances. Hopefully now you can estimate and make sure to schedule yourself enough time to move.

How long did it take you the last time you moved? Let us know is the comments!