DIY Cardboard Crafts

You’re finally unpacked and settled into your new home, but what should you do with all your leftover moving boxes? Why not have some fun and decorate your home with DIY cardboard crafts? Most of these projects require minimal supplies. Some glue, paint, wrapping paper, and a box cutter are the basic tools needed to start making some eye-catching cardboard crafts.

cardboard craft
Cardboard box shelf. (Image courtesy of Cody Boehmig.)

Cardboard shelf

Make some cardboard shelves with the corners of your moving boxes. Wrap them with decorative paper, or paint them, to coordinate with your home décor. Or, leave them unfinished for an earthy, recycled look.

Cardboard frames

Use cardboard boxes to create custom frames for your pictures. Or, create cardboard-framed chalkboards. The possibilities are limitless. Decorate the inside of a locker, a college dorm room or your living room. Put magnets on the back and make frames for your refrigerator.
cardboard craft

Cardboard lamp

This cardboard lamp is practical and easy to make. And, the finished result will provide soft lighting for the room as well as an interesting conversation piece.

Cardboard wreath

This cardboard wreath can be modified for any holiday or occasion. Glue various shades of green and red paper to the cardboard before cutting it for a Christmas-themed wreath. Red and pink for Valentine’s day. You could even paint the cardboard with metallic paint for a festive year-round wreath.

cardboard craft

Cardboard squares wall art

This is cardboard squares montage is a fun and easy idea for any room in your home. There are so many ways you could modify this idea. Vary the paint colors. Vary the shapes (triangles, rectangles, diamonds, hearts, etc.). Create the piece of cardboard wall art that is unique to your tastes.

Cardboard letters

Make letters or numbers out of leftover cardboard. Wrap them and paint them for a personalized set of initials. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, spell out a word or message on your wall.

cardboard craft

Cardboard organizer

This clever cardboard organizer is made out of a small stack of cardboard squares. The pattern shows one variation of an organizer, but the template can be customized to fit your needs.

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So dust off those leftover cardboard boxes and get creative! We’d love to see your finished results. Use hashtag #CardboardCrafts on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!

What kind of cardboard craft projects have you made? Have you seen any other cool ideas online? Let us know!