Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?

climate controlled storage
These VHS tapes need a climate controlled storage unit. Photo:

Climate controlled storage is a special type of storage that allows you to maintain the temperature inside your self-storage unit at a constant temperature, usually between 65-85 degrees.

Climate controlled storage is a great way to protect your furniture and belongings from harsh temperatures like extreme heat or cold, humidity, and pests.

Although you may not realize it, many everyday items that will be stored in your unit are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and humidity. You can preserve the items and keep them in great condition with climate controlled storage.

While climate controlled storage would be great for all stored items, how do you decide whether or not you really need it? Here is a list of items that will benefit from climate controlled storage:

Cosmetics & Toiletries
Art & Collectibles
Goods and Furniture made of:
• Leather
• Wood
• Metal
• or, Containing Fabric/ Upholstery
Important Paperwork
Electronics (e.g.: TVs, Stereos, and Computers)
Media (e.g.: CD’s, DVD’s, and Cassette Tapes)
Photographs and Film
Medications/ Medical Supplies
Musical Instruments

Some other questions to ask yourself before deciding whether or not you need climate controlled storage are:

  • What is the time frame for storing your items? If they will be stored for 1 year or more, they will be exposed to all four seasons, then climate controlled storage should be considered.
  • What is the climate in your area? If you are exposed to extreme temperatures in your geographic location such as cold winters in northern states, or humidity in southern states, then climate controlled storage should be considered.

Do you use this type of storage? How important is it to you? Tell us below in the comments section.

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