Duct Tape For Moving?

duct tape
What type of tape do you use to move? Photo: Flickr user woodleywonderworks

Duct tape (or duck tape) is famed for its ability to do practically everything. Those of you who watch the Mythbusters have seen them do incredible things with it, including building or boat that actually floated or a bridge made entirely out of duct tape. I personally have had a wallet made out of duct tape and people have even created entire outfits with it. Duct tape was created in 1942 to create a water resistant seal around ammunition boxes, but when it comes time for you to move, is it the best choice for sealing your moving boxes?

You do have many great tape options when it comes to your move, and these are some of the best:

duct tapePackaging or Mailing Tape is great for your move. It does not have the cloth backing that duct tape has, so you may not want to build a bridge out of it, but it still has more than enough strength to keep your boxes closed. The lack of cloth backing also makes the tape much easier to cut open when it comes time to unpack. Another advantage to packaging tape is the tape gun. A tape gun will make it very easy to apply without getting stuck to the tape or having to clumsily tear off sections or keep scissors nearby.

Box / Packaging Paper Tape was designed from the ground up for your move. It is strong enough to hold your boxes together, but it is still very easy to apply and easy to tear with your hands. It doesn’t have the water resistant capabilities of duct tape, but if your cardboard boxes are exposed to the elements, one strip of across the top won’t stop you from ending up with some soggy cardboard. It also won’t leave a sticky adhesive residue like duct tape often can

duct tapeThere are other types of tapes that might work for you during your move. Smart Moving Tape is great for you organization nuts out there. It is labeled for each room to make it easier to know which boxes go where. If you want some tape that is very easy to write on so that you can make your own labels, EZ Read White Flatback Tape is great. Like the Box / Packaging Paper Tape, this tape can be torn easily without scissors or knives.

You can certainly use duct tape for just about any task, but when you are packing boxes and moving, why not use the tapes designed for that purpose? Then you can save your duct tape for the next time you need a new wallet, or even a boat.

What type of tape did you use the last time you moved? Let us know in the comments.