How To Deal With Noisy Neighbors

how to deal with noisy neighborsDo you know how to deal with noisy neighbors? No one likes to be woken up in the middle of the night by noisy neighbors or to have to hear loud music. Your home is where you should be able to escape from the outside world.  At some point in your life, though, you will have to learn how to deal with noisy neighbors. Hopefully these tips can help you manage without losing your sanity.

Get to know your neighbors: Long before noise becomes a problem be sure to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. You don’t want a noise complaint to be the way you introduce yourself. If you are moving into a new home, then go around and say hello to those next to you. If you have a new neighbor moving in, take them a small house-warming gift like flowers to welcome them to the neighborhood. This way you can get your relationship started on a positive note.

Be reasonable: Do you have consistently noisy neighbors, or is the noise only an occasional problem? Everyone is loud sometimes. If it is just construction that will be completed quickly, or the only party your neighbors have had, then maybe you should cut them a break. You can survive one noisy night. If your neighbors are consistently too loud because they are constantly hammering, fighting, or playing loud music, then you will probably have to confront them.

Talk with them first: When you do have to confront your neighbors about their volume levels, then having an established relationship should pay off. Approach them in a friendly and polite manner. Inform them how their noise is bothering you. If it is a regularly occurring event see if they wouldn’t mind changing their schedule so that the noise doesn’t occur during hours that will affect you. Hopefully they will see things from your side and work with you like a good neighbor.

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The authorities: If talking with them didn’t work, then you may have to go to the authorities. That doesn’t necessarily mean calling the police right away. If you have a home owners’ association, you can check with them on whether they have a complaint or dispute resolution process. If you are in an apartment you can always go to the apartment administrators. They will often have notices or fines for tenants who have received noise complaints. If those fail as well, then you can call your local law enforcement, but remember to call the non-emergency line.

Do unto others: Don’t be a part of the problem. If your apartment has thin walls, or you engage in noisy activities, then be a good neighbor yourself and be considerate of others. Don’t vacuum early in the morning if you have neighbors underneath you. If you practice an instrument or listen to loud music, don’t do it while other people will be sleeping. If you are going to be having a party, then let your neighbors know about it and when you will be wrapping up, and do your best to keep your guests from disturbing others.

Have you ever had noisy neighbors? What did you do to deal with them? Did it work? Let us know in comments.

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