How Can I Speed up the Process of Renting Moving Equipment?

 How can I speed up the rental process when I go to pick up my Moving Truck?

– Sean K. Palo Alto, CA

Photo via jenny8lee on Flickr

This is a great question, Sean! When it comes to moving, we tend to move at the same time as everyone else. This can make the process of picking up your moving equipment cumbersome .  Depending on what moving company you choose, you have a couple options:

  1. U-Haul has an Express Check-in.  You can do this anytime up to 15 minutes before your scheduled rental contract begins.  Go to and enter your order number and last name.  Click on the “Express On-Line Check-in” button and fill in your information. Then you just need to, show your required information,  sign your contract, get your keys and be on your way!
  2. If you’re looking to avoid long lines all together, the best way to do this is to move during off-peak hours. Read this Article to find out the best times to move

Sean, we hope these tips help you get through the lines at the moving location faster. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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