How to Reduce Fuel Costs in Your Moving Truck Rental

When it comes to saving money during your DIY move, a moving truck rental is a great start. But, did you know that there are other things you can do throughout the course of your move to reduce costs? We all know that moving can be expensive, so save money in fuel costs by following the three golden rules listed below.

truck rental

1.) Slow Down: When you are operating a moving truck, you must be conscious of the fact that this is a much different vehicle than your everyday automobile. It is larger, and weighs more. As a result, it uses more fuel. Because this is not the same as your everyday car, you should not drive it as such. When driving moving trucks, go a little under the speed limit. It will be safer since this is a vehicle you are not used to, plus the slower you go, the better fuel economy you’ll get.

Some moving trucks have fuel economy gauges. Utilize these whenever they are available to determine what the best way is for you to maximize fuel economy.

2.) Light pedal: Ease into the gas pedal when accelerating from a stop. Slamming on the gas pedal in a “jackrabbit” start will use a lot of fuel quickly. Once you get to the driving speed that you want, ease off the pedal slowly. Don’t continuously push on and release the gas pedal. Try to maintain your speed with as little pressure on the pedal as possible.

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3.) Choose your truck wisely: Not all moving trucks are created equal. When choosing which truck rental company to go with, consider the truck itself, and what types of features have been built in to save fuel costs. The more aerodynamic the truck is, the better fuel economy you will have. If you have the option, choose a truck that runs on regular gasoline instead of diesel fuel, as this is a less expensive and more convenient. Fortunately, U-Haul moving trucks feature a low-profile design and use unleaded gasoline, which is good news for your wallet!

What are your tips for reducing fuel costs in your moving truck rental? Let us know below in the comments section!