Tips for Moving Out of the Dorms

Tips for Moving Out of the DormsWhen you weren’t spending nights studying for seemingly pointless prerequisite classes, you were probably eating Ramen noodles and trying to remember when the last time you did laundry was.  Living in the dorms was a unique experience, but now you’re ready to venture out into the world and move onto the next chapter of  life. There are many things to consider when transitioning out of the dorms. Here are some tips to make your move easier.

1. Pack before finals.

Students are usually allowed some time after their last final to move out of the dorms during finals week. Make it easier on yourself by setting aside time to pack before finals. This minimizes stress during the last week of school which will allow more time spent studying and preparing for exams. Then when it’s time to move out, you won’t be scrambling to finish packing before the dorm move-out date.

2. Give away what you won’t need. And store what you might need.

If you’re moving into a new apartment, chances are you’re not going to need that  trusty little mini-fridge you depended on during the school year. Most college dorms provide charity pick-ups or even a community free-for-all for other students to take the items students no longer need. And if you’re going out-of-state to see your family during summer, consider putting some of your belongings in to storage before the next semester. This way, they’ll be readily available when it’s time to move in and start the new school year.

3. Don’t forget the furniture.

College dorms usually provide students with basic furniture, such as a bed frame, a desk and a cabinet. When moving out of the dorms and into a new apartment or house, you will find that many places don’t come furnished. Students are now in charge of acquiring and transporting their own furniture to their new place. Make a list of what you’ll need upon move-out months before your move and schedule your moving truck in advance.

Moving Out of the Dorms Budget4. Remember the new bills after moving out of the dorms.

To make University life a little easier, dorms usually give students a set rate on rent and utilities for the whole semester. This charge is usually applied to the student’s account and paid off all at once. It’s important to remember that once you move off campus, you take on more responsibility in this area. Long gone are the days when everything was done for you. Some things that you will now be in charge of is paying for electricity and water, as well as setting up cable and internet. These are separate bills that will need to be paid monthly based on what you use, as opposed to the university automatically taking the flat fees out of your student account. Setting up reminders in your phone a couple days before the bill is due may be useful for first-time renters.

5. Plan for the distance to campus.

Living on campus is a big convenience. It allows students to roll out of bed and run straight to class. Living off-campus can mean waking up a little earlier for class, or scheduling classes later in the day. It may be helpful to make a trip to campus before classes starts to gauge the commute time.

Moving out of the dorms can be a difficult transition for some students. Just remember these dorm move-out tips to allow more time enjoying the college years instead of stressing over the little things.

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