Moving Help Providers Need the Important Details

Mar 14, 2013

So you have Moving Help Providers ordered and scheduled to come assist with your move. What do they need to know? What details could help make this a smooth move? Use the following points to make sure your helpers know the details of your move and they come prepared.

moving helpers

Stairs can slow the pace of the move and require more time.

  • Are there stairs involved? If so, how many flights of stairs? Is there an elevator?

Stairs are always tricky and definitely slow down the rate at which the move is going. Stairs add to the amount of time is needed and the caution at which these items are moved.

  • What heavy furniture or appliances will be moved?

Heavy furniture and appliances are on the list because sometimes it might take more than two movers to maneuver it through the house/apartment and onto the truck. This reminds me of the time I heard about someone ordering two movers and they had a hot tub to move! Unless these movers are the Hulk and Thor, that hot tub isn’t going anywhere.

  • Inform them of the rental truck size you have for your move.

The rental truck, trailer, or moving container size is a good detail because it gives the helpers an idea of how big your move is. It also lets them know what space they have to work with when loading the truck a particular way so everything fits.

  • Are there any parking restrictions they need to be aware of?

A lot of times, apartment complexes have parking restrictions or limits due to space or location. You want to avoid any conflict with management or local authorities, such as police or fire department.

  • Let them know of multiple locations such as storage units, if needed.

    moving helpers

    Having the proper equipment helps move your possessions safely and without damage.

Informing the Moving Help Providers about multiple locations is important for the movers to know because traveling to the other locations requires more time for your move. This also lets them know that they may need to save space in the truck if more is being loaded onto it after the first location.

  • Make sure they know you have the proper equipment to help them properly move and pack.

Letting the Moving Help Providers know that you have the appropriate moving supplies such as dollies, wraps, and pads lets them know that all they need to bring is their muscle. And with the previous details you’ve discussed about what furniture you’re moving, they can tell you if there is something else that is needed or if more pads or wrap is necessary for this move.

Have you had experiences in the past where you didn’t discuss one of the detail points with your Moving Help Providers? Are there any other details you feel are important? Please feel free to share your advice and stories with us in the comment section below.


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