Advice: Use a College Shipping Service When Moving to College

college shipping

Moving to college is one of the most exciting milestones of a young adult’s life. It’s a time when great autonomy, self-realization, intellectual refinement and life-long memories can be seen on the horizon of possibilities. After receiving an acceptance letter, all of these potentials await at your new on-campus home—now you and your stuff must arrive.

The thought of transporting your belongings from your childhood home to college may present a seemingly arduous task, (especially if you plan on attending a college out of your home state). Fortunately, there are reputable companies like Collegeboxes (that specialize in all things related to college moving) who offer a simple college shipping service.

The process of having your items shipped to college can be broken down into three basic steps:

1. Draft a List. Review. Finalize.

This is the most difficult step. You must go through your belongings and determine what items from home you feel you need to have at college. Take your time with this step, as you really want to focus on taking the high priority items. Of course, the more you decide to ship, the higher the shipping costs will be. Therefore, make sure not to ship items that you can easily purchase once you arrive. After generating an initial list, invest the time to thoroughly review it, apply some modifications and you’ll be left with a packing list you can feel confident about.

college shipping
You would be amazed by what can fit in a box!

2. Purchase Moving Supplies and Pack Your Items.

Gather all of your required packing supplies in one trip. sometimes, the college shipping service may even offer a kits and other essentials needed for shipping your items to college. After you have purchased the packing supplies, it’s time to pack. The key here is to ensure that your items are packed in such a way that your contents will be protected during their time in transit. This means to use common sense and confirm that your items cannot move around inside. Add extra protection like bubble wrap to ensure the safety of fragile items.

3. Print Shipping Labels and Enjoy an Iced Tea.

If you elect to use a college shipping service, then the last step will be a breeze. Simply enter the dimensions of your boxes, the weight, pickup and destination locations, desired pickup date and click print. After applying the shipping labels to your boxes, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back… You’re done. The courier will come directly to your address and retrieve all of boxes designated to ship. (You could always drop it off at any of the courier’s locations for no additional cost, if desired).

It’s definitely worth considering using a college shipping service for moving to college. It will allow you to board a plane or hop in a car with ease while making your way to your new college home.

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