What to Do When the Straps Don’t Fit

A U-Haul Auto Transport gets all four wheels off the ground.

Auto Transports and Tow Dollies are a great way to get a vehicle from A to B when doing a DIY move. Whether it’s on the back of your own truck, or on the hitch of a moving van, towing a vehicle is a simple thing to do — but making sure the vehicle is secure is an essential part of towing.

The standard method of securing a vehicle to the Auto Transport is by using tire straps. But some vehicles that have after market tires don’t fit into the confines of the provided straps. On a Tow Dolly there is nothing you can do — if the straps don’t fit, a tow dolly is not to be used. Instead, load the vehicle on an auto transport.

Do not attempt to let air out of the tires to make it fit; doing so may cause damage to your vehicle and tires or the straps may not attach securely.

If the straps on the Auto Transport don’t fit, you do have options. Your vehicle comes equipped with tie down points on the frame that can be used to attach to the cross sections of the Auto Transport using alternative chains or tie down straps. When deciding what straps and how many straps to use, it is important to remember that the empty curb weight of the vehicle must be less than the working load of the straps.

Consult your owners manual for your specific vehicle to find the specific instructions for your vehicle. You can also contact your local center for assistance in loading your vehicle.

Have you ever towed a vehicle without straps? Are you a car-carrying expert? Let us know in the comments below.