Moving Trucks: Ramp vs. Liftgate

It’s the moving struggle — that extremely heavy antique dresser that Aunt Sally insisted you take is sitting out in the driveway. The problem is exactly that; the dresser is sitting on the driveway and not in the back of the moving truck rental you picked up earlier that day. And it’s just one of the numerous heavy items you have just pulled out of your 4 bedroom house for a cross-country move. How are you supposed to get that 300-pound priceless piece of furniture, and everything else into the truck? Well, there are a few options.

I don’t really suggest option #1, because- let’s face it- who wants to risk injury or breaking the antique dresser by lifting something so heavy even a few feet in the air? Options #2 and #3 are your best bets, but they are two different options for a reason. If it was my decision, I’d choose option #3, the built in loading ramp. But what would you choose?

They both get the job done, so that’s not the issue. What it really comes down to is a few different items: convenience, safety and last but not least, operability.


When doing your DIY move, you’ll more than likely be moving from your house and not a loading dock. Liftgates are normally found on vehicles that have deck heights of four to five feet in the air, this is because these vehicles deck heights are designed to be used in conjunction with a commercial loading dock — not for your residential move. A loading ramp can be deployed anywhere. And some ramps have a very small angle of incline, so you can walk up it with ease.

Moving Trucks: Ramp vs. Liftgate


Loading ramps, like the ones found on U-Haul rental trucks,  provide a convenient easy load option, combined with a furniture dolly, Appliance Dolly or utility dolly.  A ramp makes the loading and unloading of a truck much quicker.

Moving Trucks: Ramp vs. Liftgate


Using a liftgate for the first time can be a daunting task. Sure, after some time and experience it’s easy — but who has the time for practice when they’re trying to move?

Moving Trucks: Ramp vs. Liftgate

What are your experiences with a rental truck ramp or liftgate? Share with us in the comments.