“My First Time Driving a 26 Foot Moving Truck”

May 11, 2013

Before my first time driving a 26 foot moving truck

Excitement can be one of the first emotions when you are behind the wheel of a 26-foot truck!

Alison, coming through, 10-4, over. I’ve got to admit, my first time driving a 26-foot moving truck made me feel like a ‘truck driver’; all I needed was my radio and trucker hat. If anyone were to give me the ‘honk your horn’ signal, I’d surely respond with a big honk, honk. But, these were not not always my emotions or thoughts as I began to get in the cab of the moving truck- especially one that is 26 feet. I have always felt a little intimidated by being behind the wheel of a large truck. I’ve driven a truck as small as a Chevy S-10 and a truck as large as a Dodge Ram, but nothing compares to having 26 extra feet of truck behind you! Before you begin your drive, I want to share a few tips for you to consider before hitting the open road or driving across town.

Safety First

Fasten your seat belt

Wearing your seat belt is a must. Safety first!

Much like any vehicle you drive, you must always fasten your seat belt. It is the law and no matter how small or large the vehicle you drive, it is always recommend. The small trucks or cargo vans are only equipped with two bucket seats, both equipped with seat belts. Larger trucks are able to seat three people, both equipped with air bags and seat belts. If you have infants, then they should not be seated in the front. If you are moving with a large family there is an alternative of moving your belongings with portable storage containers.

Check your Mirrors

In this case, you do not have to check the rear view mirror but always check your side mirrors. After all, these are your eyes for what is behind you, beside you and helpful when making turns.

Be Patient

As much as we feel like we are King or Queen of the road, behind the wheel of a moving truck, remember that you are not in a race. You may have a sudden urge to say, “let’s see how fast this thing can go,” but this should not be an option. Not only are you and your passenger in the cab of the truck, but so are your personal belongings. So, if you happen to get a few honks about driving much slower than everyone else, don’t worry, you will arrive to your destination.

Using side mirror.

Use your side mirrors to prepare you for your turn.

Making Turns

So, you’ve mastered driving on straight roadways entirely. Next, you need to make a turn. The pressure is on, but not to worry- you can do it! When you begin to make your turn, make sure you have enough space to turn, not only at the corner of the turn but also for the cars passing next to you. If you hit the curb, it’s alright, you are one step closer to mastering turning. If you have a trailer attached to your truck, which is approximately an additional 12 feet, the same rules apply. Having enough room and enough space when merging in between lanes.

Height Clearance

Sometimes we are in so much of a hurry during a move that we hardly have time to sit down and eat. So, we often choosing fast food as an option. One thing to remember is the height clearance. The moving truck is not recommended to go in the drive thru. The best suggestion is to park the truck and go inside. After all, returning a truck that looks like it was peeled back like a can of spam is not a good look. There are several stickers in place as a constant reminder.

Completing your first time driving a moving truck.

After you complete your first time driving a moving truck, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing!

Have Confidence

Last, but certainly not least, like everything else- you have to have confidence in yourself and believe you can do it. Nervousness can be one of the most common emotions to have at the thought of you being behind the wheel of a massive truck. But, as you begin your drive and remember these tips, it will be smooth sailing as you get the hang of it. The moving truck can be fun to drive and rides gentle enough that it almost feel as if it is not 26-feet long. Once you complete your move and conquering your first time driving a moving truck, you can do anything! At least that was the feeling that I had when completing and a sigh of relief. Just follow these tips and you will be on your way to your next destination.

Have you driven a moving truck? How was your first time driving a 26 foot moving truck? What was your first thought? Tell us how you first accomplished your move in the comment section below.


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