Moving Day: Diesel vs. Gasoline

diesel vs. gasolineThere are many choices to make on moving day. When you rent a moving truck, for example, you have the choice of renting either an unleaded  gasoline or diesel fueled truck.  In this post, we’ll share the factors you should consider when deciding the winner in the showdown of diesel vs. gasoline.

1. Cost

Moving is an expensive feat. So, when you rent a moving truck, you must also figure in the cost of fuel. Gasoline is the more affordable fuel, and will allow you to spend less money filling up the truck’s tank. So, if you’re concerned about saving money where possible on moving day, then gasoline is the best to help you stretch your moving day budget the furthest.

2. Comfort

Moving day is already stressful. The last thing you want is a rough and uncomfortable ride to your new home. Though newer model vehicles with diesel engines are becoming quieter, diesel engines are generally louder than gasoline engines. This may seem like something small, but if you’re traveling great distances or even if you just want to relax on your drive, a noisy engine could dampen your spirits. Go with gasoline for a smoother ride.

diesel vs. gasoline
Diesel is the more expensive fuel.

3. Convenience

There are already many steps involved in moving. There’s no use in adding the unnecessary stress of struggling to locate diesel pumps. Convenience should be your best friend on moving day. Gasoline is much more common and readily available than diesel. There are also many apps that will help locating gas stations much easier. For iPhone users, try Gas Buddy. There’s a version for Android users too!

4. Cleanliness

Your moving jeans are dirty and you’ve already inhaled your fair share of dust during your move. It would be nice to be able to breathe clean air. Diesel engines produce nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and black smoke that all contribute to the poor air quality. Gasoline engines produce less greenhouse gas emissions meaning less pollution is going into the air. If you’re concerned about Mother Nature, choose gasoline.

So, who is the winner? When it comes to filling up your  truck, gasoline is the clear winner. It’s cheaper, more convenient and more eco-friendly. So when you’re double-checking that checklist on moving day, remember to rent a truck with a gasoline powered engine. You will be thankful you did.

Have you rented a gasoline or diesel powered moving truck? What did you think? Tell us below in the comment’s section.