Moving to Hawaii: Kaua’i-The Garden Isle

Kaua'i- the garden isle
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Even seasoned travelers to the Hawaiian Islands may have difficulty when considering which island is best for their lifestyle when relocating to Hawaii. Over a series of four blog posts, we will be exploring the unique qualities of the main islands that make up the Hawaiian Archipelago for those who may be considering moving to Hawaii.

Kaua’i- The Garden Isle

Residing 105 miles northwest across the Kaua’i Channel from the island of Oahu, lies the geologically oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands, and the fourth largest island in the archipelago – Kaua’i. With a population of roughly 68,000+, the island is rich in geographic formations, quiet beaches and home to “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

According to Hawaiian tradition, the island of Kaua’i derives its origins in the legend of Hawai’iloa; the Polynesian navigator attributed with the discovery of the Hawaiian islands. The name is said to translate as “place around the neck,” or how a father would carry a favorite child. During the reign of King Kamehameha, the islands of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau were the last Hawaiian Islands to join The Kingdom of Hawaii.
kaua'i- the garden isle
As travelers to Kaua’i are aware, this island possesses some of the most awe inspiring, jaw dropping natural beauty found anywhere on the planet, from one of the wettest spots on Earth, Mount Wai’ale’ale with an average annual rainfall of 460 inches, to the 3,000 foot deep Waimea Canyon that has been aptly nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” And nothing beats the Na Pali coastline for sheer grandeur, while you kayak, fish or hike the trails along her coastal cliffs.

Other well known towns around Kaua’i include: Hanalei, Princeville, Po’ipu, Koloa, and Kekaha to name a few. Kaua’i, while being quite transient with the large numbers of visitors, still holds its allure of the quiet, picturesque tropical island that has made it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This is an island that truly enjoys its outdoor activities, and strong sense of community

moving to hawaiiThis post comes from Todd Barrett, whose lifelong dream of living in Hawaii became a reality when he moved to Kona in 2000. As a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Todd focuses on residential homes, resort properties, and permanent relocation to Hawaii. An avid saltwater fisherman and trolling lure maker, fishing for pelagic species of fish is his other full time passion. He takes the same attitude with fishing as he does with his real estate business; anything worth doing, is worth doing right!  Please feel free to call or write Todd W Barrett, RS, ABR for a no obligation “talk story” about the current Big Island real estate market.

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