5 Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Moving with kids can be a challenge, especially when they are younger. Before you load the moving truck, read through these 5 tips we’ve come up with to ease the stress on moving day.

moving with kids

Before the Move:


Change can be hard on anybody but especially kids. Kids are fragile and sometimes uncomfortable with change. It’s important to talk to your kids about the move prior to moving day. Moving can be a confusing time for them. Explain to them where you’re moving and why. They want to know what’s going on!

Pack snacks and lunch.

The day before your move, pack lunches and snacks for your kids. You might be too busy on moving day to prepare a meal, and you’ll want to have healthy snacks on hand to avoid any hungry temper-tantrums on moving day. A useful tool to try is LaLa Lunchbox, an iPhone app that helps you plan balanced meals for you and your kids!

During the Move:

Create entertainment.

Kids are naturally active and are constantly looking for activities. Create a ‘fun basket’ filled with games, coloring books, and other fun items to keep them busy during the move. This will keep them distracted from everything else. If this doesn’t work, try giving them bubble wrap! Who doesn’t love bubble wrap?
moving with kids

 After the Move:

Unpack their room first.

After arriving to your new home, unpack your kid’s belongings first. Once their new room is up and running, they will be safe and busy exploring their new territory. Leave some of the small things such as toys in boxes so that your kids can put them away themselves. They will be excited to decorate their new surroundings!

Clean together.

Your kids can be useful on moving day, too! Have them help you clean by picking up the smaller items such packing supplies after everything is unpacked. Give them a duster or a wet sponge to start wiping down tables and other furniture. Every little bit counts when you’re moving.
Moving with kids doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these tips to make your move easier!

Have you moved with kids? Do you have any tips for moving with kids? Share your experience in the comments below!