Moving to Hawaii: Oahu- The Gathering Place

Moving to Oahu
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Even seasoned travelers to the Hawaiian Islands may have difficulty when considering which island is best for their lifestyle when relocating to Hawaii. In the second of a four blog post series, we will be exploring the island of Oahu, and the unique qualities of this main Hawaiian island that makes up the Hawaiian Archipelago for those who may be considering moving to Hawaii.

Oahu –  The Gathering Place

When people talk about Hawaii, almost assuredly the thought of Waikiki Beach and prominent view of Diamond Head Crater come to mind. Oahu is not only the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, but also the most populous at just over 1,000,000 residents. With over 75% of the state’s total population, it is no wonder why people can mistakenly believe that Oahu is the only Hawaiian island. Honolulu, Hawaii’s state capital, is located on the southeastern coast of the island, and is also home to the main deep-water shipping port and the intercontinental Honolulu International Airport. Interestingly enough, while Oahu has long been known as “The Gathering Place”, the term has no confirmed meaning in the Hawaiian language other than of the island itself.

While the old Kingdom of O’ahu was once ruled by the most ancient of the Ali’i (Hawaiian monarchy) in all of the Hawaiian Islands, it was not until Kamehameha’s successful conquest of Oahu in 1795 that the Kingdom of Hawaii was founded. Well known spots on the island of Oahu include:  Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Kaneohe Bay, and the North Shore.

Waikiki Beach in OahuThe North Shore town of Haleiwa, as well as the “town” swells, provide some of the best surfing in the world. Paddling, hiking, and fishing are also popular and daily activities that are easy to engage in wherever you are on the island. Of course, Oahu today is known as a tourism and shopping mecca, with over 5,000,000+ visitors arriving every year. Yet, amidst all of the modern amenities and hustle lies at its heart one of the most diverse and beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

moving to hawaiiThis post comes from Todd Barrett, whose lifelong dream of living in Hawaii became a reality when he moved to Kona in 2000. As a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Todd focuses on residential homes, resort properties, and permanent relocation to Hawaii. An avid saltwater fisherman and trolling lure maker, fishing for pelagic species of fish is his other full time passion. He takes the same attitude with fishing as he does with his real estate business; anything worth doing, is worth doing right!  Please feel free to call or write Todd W Barrett, RS, ABR for a no obligation “talk story” about the current Big Island real estate market.

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