5 Things to Research before Moving to Alaska

Moving to Alaska?The time has come to head north! Whether you are moving to Alaska for business, or simply to enjoy the scenery and culture; your move will require some pre-planning. There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when making this big trip, especially if you are moving from the continental U.S. to this arctic area. This post lists the biggest things to consider when moving to Alaska.

Temperature: Hopefully this is something you have researched before deciding to relocate to this chilly locale. Alaskan air is cold. From the frigid winters to the some-what warmer, but cool summers, you need to prepare yourself for what is to come. Make sure that you stay warm during the move.  Layers will be your best friend; even in the summer.

As far as your belongings go, you will also need to keep these temperatures in mind when selecting your transportation and storage container. If you choose a container that is made of metal, it can cause condensation. This could lead to water/mildew damage to your precious wooden furniture, or make your clothes smell like they were once a tree’s old sweater. A condensed wood material is best suited for this type of move. Wood storage containers are more breathable and will protect your belongings from un-wanted weather damage.

Season: Try to stay away from moving in the winter unless you absolutely have to. There are a lot of dangers that come with moving in Alaska during that time of year. Especially when there is snow involved. Anyone from back East in the continental U.S knows that is no fun. It’s recommended to do some research to make sure you move at a time that is not so chilly.

Cost: Considering everything that deals with moving to Alaska, you can expect to spend more than you would on an interstate move. So, it’s best to save as much money as you can when traveling there to provide a little bit of a cushion for everything else.

Alaska is not the most accessible state, so shipping your household goods will require some planning. It is best to map out all that details ahead of time. Make sure you find a company that will work with you depending on your current location to give you the best deal. The farther away you live from Alaska to begin with, the higher the cost of shipping can be.

Moving to Alaska
A beautiful scene that you might see in Alaska, or on the side of a U-Haul!

Timing: Another thing to be very mindful of is that timing is a huge part of your move. Since you will be traveling a far distance, it’s very important to do your research on how long it will take to get your possessions delivered to your new location. Depending on which company you choose, it may take anywhere from one week to a month or more to have your items delivered.

Accessibility: Since there is an ocean to cross, you have two options. One, to make it a road trip in a moving truck and travel the ALCAN Highway, or two, ship your items and fly or drive there. Shipping your goods can require a little coordination if you live in a state that does not border a coast line. If that’ the case, you will need to pay a moving company to transport your belongings to the nearest port to then be shipped on a freighter. After the freighter drops your possessions off at a port in Alaska, you will then need to hire another moving company to bring those goods to your new home.

If that process seems uneasy (and expensive), you may also opt to hire a company that does all of that for you.  One easy option is a U-Box container, from U-Haul, because they will ship the desired amount of boxes to your home and all you will need to do is load them up. Once they are loaded, they will be picked up, shipped, and delivered to your new Alaskan home, no additional steps required. This could help you immensely because you only have to worry about one flat fee, and one single reservation.

Whatever you decide to do, play it smart and take your time. Do your research and try to map out as much as you can so that your move is a smooth as possible.

Have you made a move to Alaska? How did you move you belongings? Tell us below in the comments section!