Insider’s Scoop: See Your Face on a Moving Truck

Your photo on a moving truckThe well known moving company, U-Haul, has recently announced a fun promotion for anyone who is packing up and getting ready to move.

You may have seen a moving truck in your city, or even rented one that has a special graphic on the side, called a Supergraphic. These graphics represent the states and provinces of North America, and were created to give back to the communities U-Haul serves. This new rendition of Supergraphics creates an even more personalized representation of the customers who rent their trucks; their faces!

You can submit a photo of your moving day to U-Haul, and they will put it onto a custom truck rented somewhere in the U.S. (See what the truck looks like below). You can submit photos of you, your family, even your pets on moving day. Strike a pose in front of your favorite Supergraphic, the stacks of boxes in your living room, or even a cool landmark on the way to your new home. You can submit any photo that captures your moving journey, from beginning to end.

All you have to do to enter the contest is tag your Instagram photo with #myphotos. If you don’t use Instagram, not to worry- you can still see your smile on one of these unique trucks. Simply email your photo to myphotos@uhaul. U-Haul says that they will accept any form of submission, so if you have another means you are still encouraged to contact them.

This is a great way to remember your moving experience and make it the most unique that you will likely ever have! A representative from U-Haul says “We’re really excited to share the moments that happen when you’re moving. It’s easy to forget the positives that come along with moving when you are in the process. We just want to remind people that it can be fun!”

Click here for the official rules and to learn more.

U-Haul Truck

Have you submitted your photo? Have you seen yours on the side of a truck? Let us know below in the comment’s section.