Moving Truck Defensive Driving

There are several things to keep in mind on moving day. One thing to keep in mind when driving a moving truck is to be respectful to other drivers on the road. Sometimes, other cars don’t give that same respect back which means it is especially important to be attentive, courteous and confident while driving your moving truck. To avoid a crash, here are some defensive driving reminders to keep you and others safe on the road:

Staying calm is essential to safely operating a moving truck. When on the road, the driver needs to find the right balance between staying calm and being alert. Be alert and attentive to what is going on around your moving truck at all times, yet still calm enough to drive confidently through heavy traffic or an unfamiliar area.

defensive drivingHere are some tips to practice defensive driving while operating a moving truck:

  • Adjust the rearview mirrors beforehand and find the best possible view of the roadway the sides and behind the truck. Watch your mirrors carefully when turning or changing lanes.
  • Signal earlier than you normally would to alert other drivers of your intentions.
  • Increase following distance and brake early if traffic begins to slow.
  • Watch for overhead obstruction (i.e. parking structures, bridges, trees).
  • Make sure you have ample space when turning or changing lanes. A moving truck is likely longer than what you are used to and you may need to make wider turns.

Another important thing to remember is to also be courteous while driving a moving truck. When you’re operating such a large vehicle, vehicles around you may become uncomfortable, which may affect their ability to drive safely. It’s your responsibility to drive your moving truck with consideration to the drivers around you. If other vehicles start to cut you off, tailgate you or seem unaware of your presence, keep your cool and continue operating your moving truck to the best of your ability. The alternative also holds true; just because you are driving a larger vehicle doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Don’t drive as if you own the road. Take all safety precautions and be courteous to other people on the road.

Comforted nerves and common courtesy is the recipe for a safe and successful ride in your moving truck!

What were your experiences being on the road while driving a moving truck? Tell us in the comments below!