Tips for Self Storage in Chicago

Self Storage in Chicago

The city of Chicago (AKA, the windy city) has many unique climate considerations, especially when you will be storing your goods here for an extended period of time. Not only is the city very windy as it’s nickname implies, but it can also drop to very frigid temperatures in the winter and  become very humid during the summer. Before placing your belongings into long-term storage, consider all of the seasons they will be stored for, and how your goods may be affected by the climate changes. U-Haul storage locations in Chicago can help you with questions as well.

Pack carefully: Carefully pack the items for storage to prevent mold and mildew. Whenever possible, pack items in plastic tubs. Unlike cardboard boxes, which can absorb moisture over time, plastic tubs are moisture resistant. Additionally, use desiccants inside the tubs to help control humidity.

Set-up for storage: Consider using pallets or shelves within your unit to keep your items off the floor where moisture can accumulate when the air is humid.

Consider your inventory: Since Chicago can reach very low temperatures in the winter, take inventory of what you will be storing to determine whether or not you may need climate controlled self storage. Here are some items that may benefit from climate controlled storage:

climate controlled

  • Liquids- Most liquids will freeze when they are up against a cold Chicago winter. Make sure you have removed all liquids, or opt for a climate controlled or heated unit.
  • Electronics- Cold temperatures can wear your batteries down quickly. Remove all batteries before placing your items into storage. Check the specific user instructions for your electronics to see if there are any other temperature limitations.
  • Musical instruments and wood furniture- Extremely cold temperatures can dry out your wood furniture and instruments making them brittle, while humid conditions can cause damage. Cover these pieces of furniture with plastic, which is resilient to moisture, and consider climate controlled storage.
  • Leather- From handbags to shoes and furniture, leather can be damaged by both cold weather and humidity. If you will be storing a lot of leather goods and furniture, climate controlled storage is strongly advised.

Get coverage: Because peace of mind is the most important thing, it is recommended that you get coverage for the items inside your unit. U-Haul, for example, offers self storage insurance. Purchasing this coverage is optional, but you may be required to maintain some insurance coverage for your goods while they are in storage.

What are your tips for self storage in Chicago? Let us know below in the comment’s section!