Healthy Snacks on Moving Day

healthy snacks

It’s that awkward time of the day between lunch and dinner where you’re hungry but you don’t want to spoil dinner, so you run and get a snack. Here’s the tough part. Apple slices or potato chips? If you know what’s good for you, you’ll grab those apple slices, saving you the calories and the sodium. We’ve all been told that a healthy diet is a key component to a healthy and better lifestyle. On moving day especially, a healthy diet can set the tone for your move. Moving is a process that may require some heavy lifting, some running around and a whole lot of brain power. Make sure you’re in tip-top shape with some of these healthy snacks!

The key to snacking during moving day is portability. Most people don’t have time to prepare lavish meals on moving day so they find ways to prepare on-the-go snacks. Ziploc bags and plastic jars can be your best friend when it comes to this! Use Ziploc bags for dry food such as trail mix and mason jars for wet foods such as salads or yogurts. The cylindrical shape of plastic jars creates less potential to be messy when eating on-the-go as opposed to Tupperware which tends to be more prone to spills, especially when you’re going over speed bumps in your moving truck.

healthy snacks

Put these snacks in Ziploc bags:

  • almonds, cashews, pistachios
  • dried fruit
  • baby carrots, celery sticks
  • Cheerios and other sugar-free cereals
  • Pop chips
  • graham crackers
  • baked bagel chips
  • air-popped popcorn
  • rice cakes

Put these snacks in plastic jars:

  • low-fat cottage cheese & fruit
  • berries & plain yogurt
  • fruit salad
  • hummus and vegetables
  • low-fat pasta
  • celery and peanut butter
  • oatmeal

These are just some ideas for a healthy move. Check out our Pinterest for more healthy snacks! A little bit of discipline will reward greatly on moving day. You can’t take your moving truck through a drive-through anyway, so skip that Big Mac and stick to your apple slices until you have the time to sit down and eat a balanced meal.

What are some healthy on-the-go snacks you suggest for moving day? Tell us in the comments below!