How To Navigate Small Streets and Alleys When Moving

Oct 26, 2013

How To Navigate Small Streets and Alleys When MovingIt is usually quite easy to navigate streets with a moving van, however we know that many of you live on tight streets or may only have vehicle access to your home through an alley or parking garage. We have some tips for you to be able to be able to navigate small streets and alleyways with your moving truck or van.

To navigate small streets and alleys you should know the clearance of your vehicle.Clearance

Watch the overhead clearance. In a U-Haul truck you can find the height of the truck in a decal on the drivers side door. If you need to take a tape measure out to see if you will fit. It is much better to do that than to damage the vehicle you are driving. If there is low hanging trees or other foliage, you may want to prune it up and back prior to your moving day. If you have to drive in a parking garage, always check to see if the height is posted at the entrance. In some cases you may fit through the entrance, but their clearance will vary within the garage, so always check first.


If your street or alley has a tight turn, you want to be extra careful. The length of some moving trucks means that you will have to take your turn a bit wider. If you are in an alley start as far on the opposite side of the alley as you can before turning in. If you have to you can always stop to ensure that you will make the turn. If you are not you can always back out and make a wider approach.

Take It Easy

Go slowly. You are not in a race. It is better to take your time and be overly cautious than to have to deal with hitting a wall, tree, or another vehicle.

Help From a Friend

Get one of your friends, or someone who is helping you move to get out of the truck and help guide you in. You may not be used to driving a vehicle quite as large as a moving truck, but someone outside of the vehicle can see exactly how much room you have to maneuver and can tell you when you need to stop, or how close you are on a turn.

Cargo vans can help you when you navigate small streets and alleys.Smaller Vehicle

It can be much easier to navigate small streets and alleys with a smaller vehicle. U-Haul offers shorter moving trucks, as well as cargo vans and pickup trucks. Pickups and cargo vans are not only shorter in length, making turns and parking easier, but are also not as tall as a moving truck meaning you don’t have to worry nearly as much about overhead clearance. Here are some more tips and advantages for moving with pickup trucks.

Do you have tips to help navigate small streets? Have you moved with a pickup truck or a cargo van? Let us know in the comments.


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