Who is a Moving Help Provider?

Mo·ving Help Pro·vi·der
A self-employed, labor-only mover who goes through the Moving Help Provider verification process and completes the required classes to participate in the Online Moving Help Marketplace.

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Moving Help Providers come from various professions.  Some work full-time in the moving business while others work part-time when they are not working as a police officer, fireman, college student, or military soldier.  They all have one thing in common; Moving Help Providers are hard-working, reliable individuals who can provide you with the best moving experience!

Moving Help Providers perform labor-only moves. This means that when you move, you are in control. On the day of your move, the Moving Help Providers just show up. You bring the truck, U-Box container, or trailer, along with all the moving supplies (such as furniture pads and a dolly). Usually Moving Help Providers are there to do the heavy lifting, but many also offer other services, such as cleaning, packing, and unpacking. These services, as well as extra hours, can be added when you book, or at a later date using your Customer Account.

Moving Help Providers in the marketplace really care about customer service. Top Moving Help Providers can have thousands of great reviews and five-star ratings and they want to keep it that way. Using the ratings and reviews as a guide, you can make sure that the Moving Help Provider you choose is the best at doing the service you need.

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