How to Load a Moving Van with Only Two People

Nov 14, 2013

How to Load a Moving Van with Only

The saying goes “two is better than one” so if you and your roommate are moving, or maybe your buddy has offered to help you move, you’ll have each other to lean on for the stresses (and sweats) of moving. Here’s how to load a moving van with only two people!

Labeled Moving BoxesBefore Loading

Bring out all boxes and furniture outside of your home by the trailer or moving van before putting them inside the actual vehicle. Don’t forget to bring out all equipment like dollies and moving straps to help with the heavier items.

Label each box clearly so that you know exactly what its contents are. Make sure each label is visible, and begin grouping the boxes into groups (all kitchen boxes together, all bedroom boxes together, etc.); don’t forget to place furniture pieces by their respective group. This is known as your staging area, and it will help you load the boxes and furniture onto the vehicle in an organized and easier manner.

Don’t forget to place protective material like bubble wrap or pads on items that you’ll want to protect from nicks and scratches. You’ll also want to protect yourself from getting cuts or bruises from furniture you’ll be carrying.


Make sure you have a clear path to walk across the staging area, so you can properly reach the moving van while carrying all of your heavy materials and not falling. Remove all loose wires and all items from your path to the vehicle.

Safe Lifting Zone.jpegFirst start loading the furniture onto the moving trailer, while making sure you place living room furniture together, bedroom furniture together, etc. Load the heavier and bulkier items while making sure you practice safe techniques between both movers. Place lighter items above the bulky ones. Loading everything into the right place is like playing Tetris! Don’t forget to properly communicate with your moving buddy so neither is injured.

Start loading the moving boxes into its respective department in the trailer. Try to keep living room boxes by the living room furniture, bedroom boxes by bedroom furnishings, etc. Make sure to place heavier boxes at the bottom and delicate boxes on top of those. Keep communicating with your buddy as well. Maybe you prefer to load the boxes in a chain process where one person fetches the boxes and hands them to the second individual near the moving truck who then places each inside the trailer? Maybe you prefer for each individual to grab a box and walk it up to its place inside the van?

After loading

Once all boxes have been loaded onto the truck, make sure you can safely close the doors; also check and make sure that all boxes are stable.

Have you moved while having only one friend to help load boxes and furniture onto a moving truck? Share your tips in the comments below!


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