The Best Way to Transport Your New Grill

I’d like to share something with all the readers of Moving Insider on this great morning. I’m happy to announce that I finally became a man yesterday! And by becoming a man, I mean that I bought my very first grill. But after the clerk swiped my credit card and sent me on my way, I came across a little problem.

I was so ecstatic with my purchase that I forgot that the grill wasn’t going to fit into my small, two-door car that was waiting for me back in the parking lot. And I realized that even if I had a bigger car, the grill came pre-assembled so it probably wouldn’t fit anyway. That’s the moment I came to my realization. The best way to transport a grill is not inside the vehicle at all. So where should you put it then? Well, I’m glad you asked!

You can also use the pickup to haul what you're gonna cook on the new grill! (Hint, Hint)
You can also use the pickup to haul what you’re gonna cook! (Hint, Hint)

Transporting Grills in Pickup Trucks

The bed of a pickup truck is a great place to put a grill and it’s the option that I ended up choosing.  All you need is to pick up some rope and tie down straps when you rent the truck in order to secure the grill.  I chose to lay the grill down in the bed so that it wouldn’t roll around and scratch the chrome. I also used a moving blanket to create a buffer between the grill and the plastic truck bed for extra protection.

Transporting Grills in Utility Trailers

Trailer Rental for your new grill
An open-air utility trailer can get your grill from point A to B

If your car has a hitch another option is to rent a utility trailer. A smaller trailer can fit a grill perfectly and there are plenty of spots for tie downs to keep your new grill in place. A trailer is a quick and easy way to use your own vehicle instead of a rented one or someone else’s and it can also be more cost efficient too.

These tips are good for transporting grills that aren’t brand new too. Say to your family BBQ or cross-town cookout, or you purchase a grill off of Craigslist, the well-used grill probably has accumulated its fair share of grease and charred junk, so it’s probably best to keep a potential mess out of your vehicle altogether. All the more reason to use a trailer or a pickup truck to get the grill where it needs to be!

Have you ever transported your grill before? How did you get the job done? Let us know in the comments below!