Easiest Way to Move in the Winter

Winter Move with Portable Storage Containers

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of planning the season of our move. Moving in the winter can add some additional challenges if you’re moving in a location with snow and ice covered surfaces. Simple things like carrying boxes and driving get a little more “exciting” when snow is involved. If your winter move involves snow or ice, then you may want to consider moving with portable storage. This moving option is the ideal solution to a move in winter, as it offers flexibility for loading and delivery and eliminates the need to drive a moving truck in the snow. Options like U-Box portable moving and storage containers are an affordable alternative compared to van line moves and offer plenty of additional advantages to moving in the winter. This post will walk you through how to move in the winter using portable storage containers:

  1. Reserve your portable storage container:
    Many portable storage companies allow you to make your reservation online. You will need to assess your belongings before reserving your storage containers. For example, one U-Box portable container holds about a room and a half of your household goods. For additional help, there are also online tools to assist you in determining how many storage containers you will need.
  2. Schedule delivery of your empty storage containers:
    Determine the time and day you’d like your empty boxes delivered to your home. Load your portable storage containers on your time! This way if it’s a snowy day, you can sit back and enjoy some hot cocoa and wait for it to pass. If you’re loading on your own, take care to load the containers properly. For an even easier winter move, book Moving Help for assistance. Once your items are loaded, schedule a time to have the containers picked up.
  3. Opt to have your items stored or shipped:
    Your portable storage containers will be shipped to your destination. You can opt to have your goods delivered right away or stored until you’re ready to receive them. This gives you the flexibility to continue with other arrangements regarding your move such as housing or downsizing. Delivery of your containers can take anywhere from 7-10 working days, depending on the distance traveled, so you will want to plan accordingly.
  4. Schedule delivery of your storage containers:
    Once you’ve arrived at your destination and are ready to begin unloading your goods, schedule delivery time for your containers. Before delivery, make sure there is a relatively clear, flat area for the containers to be set while you unload. This may require that you shovel some snow, or clear some ice before delivery. Since it is winter, you should consider placing in the containers in an area with the shortest and easiest path to get inside. After you’ve unpacked your belongings, schedule a time for pick up of the empty boxes.

Have you moved in the winter or used portable storage for your move? What tips do you have to offer? Share your comments with us below.