Moving Help Marketplace 101

So… you want to know more about Moving Help Marketplace®. You have come to the right place. Moving Help Marketplace® 101 will give you an overview of everything Moving Help Providers® can do for you.

What is Moving Help Marketplace®?

Moving Help Marketplace®  allows you to shop and compare labor-only Moving Help Providers® who offer services to help with your move such as loading & unloading, packing & unpacking, and cleaning.

“What is labor-only” you ask? Well, labor-only refers the the fact that Moving Help Providers® perform the physical labor, which is different from “full service” moving companies that use their own truck and can often tack on extra fees and withhold your belongings until you pay up. Using a labor-only service means that you are in control of every part of the move.

How does Moving Help Marketplace better your move?

Having an online marketplace means that you can compare different Moving Help Providers® in your area. After you enter your zip code and some information about your move, a list of local available Moving Help Providers® will come up. Past customers have the opportunity to rate and write a review for the Moving Helpers® they used, which means you can go back and read them all to find the best Moving Helper® for your upcoming move.

What makes Moving Help Providers convenient?

Did you know that Moving Help Providers® also load U-Box portable containers? They can unload them too! This is great news for anyone who wants both the convenience of a U-Box Container and the ease of having a Moving Help Provider® do all the heavy lifting.

An easier move is one of the most important things Moving Help Marketplace® can offer. It’s intimidating to think of all the hours spent schlepping your belongings when you could be attending to something else. That’s why it’s great to have Moving Help Providers® come in and do it all for you.

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