Food Truck Conversions

Ever wonder what happens to U-Haul trucks when they are done serving the movers of North America? You might think there is a U-Haul truck graveyard somewhere, but you don’t have to go far to see the retired vehicles. In fact, just head to your favorite lunch spot and if it’s a food truck, it could be a retired U-Haul truck! The trucks are built to be used again and again so they can be a great, long-lasting investment for a food truck business. From Arizona to Philadelphia to the Bahamas, you will see someone serving a delicious meal from the back of a former U-Haul truck. Here are a few of our favorites:

food truck in the bahams

In Nassau, Bahamas, you have lots of options for local cuisine, but there is one that may look vaguely familiar when you see it. Claudette’s Native Food is known for its authentic Caribbean cuisine and is housed inside a former U-Haul truck! This dining establishment on wheels offers the taste of the Caribbean to tourists while making good use of our former moving vehicles.

U-Haul Food truck

If you are ever at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, make sure to keep an eye out for Big Ray’s Food truck! It is the perfect snack before the big game or dinner afterward and guess what? It is a U-Haul truck retiree! The U-Haul orange may be gone but the long lasting and dependable structure of the vehicle is there to stay!

If you are ever at Temple University and in need of something to warm you up, stop by the Foot Long Truck for a hot dog. While choosing the toppings for the delicious adventure you are about to embark on, you can also admire the work done to renovate this former member of the U-Haul truck fleet. Food truck conversions can be difficult but when the effort is made, they can be great (and delicious!).

U-haul food truck

Food trucks aren’t the only ways U-Haul trucks can be used, but they sure do satisfy a quick treat craving! So next time you are getting a late night snack or a pregame meal from your favorite food truck, check to see if the frame looks familiar. Who knows? You could have used that exact truck to move into your last home!

 Have you seen a cool U-Haul truck conversion? Let us know in the comments below!