Business Relocation Options

Finding a comprehensive business relocation program can assist you in making the right decision for your employees when it comes to their move.

Account Management

Business Relocation Account management is an important thing to consider when making your business relocation choice. An account management team will play a crucial role in helping develop a relocation plan that is tailored to your company’s needs. It is crucial that this team be well versed in your company’s relocation policy, keeping in mind any price caps or services your company decides to include in your relocation package. You want this team to be a point of contact for your employee’s move. 

Reporting Services

Think of the individual transactions and receipts received that come with a standard move. From a business standpoint, tracking all of the costs spent when it comes to an employees’ move is crucial. Find a business relocation program that gives your company detailed knowledge of all of the expenses for your employees’ move. A business relocation program should be able to provide you statements that detail all of your employee’s move details.

Relocation Package

When you’re looking for a program for your company’s business relocation, be sure to find one that offers a wide range of services. Think of what your employees will need from start to finish when it comes to their move. Another great perk of a having a business relocation program is the capability to have any of your employees’ services direct billed to your company rather than having them pay out-of-pocket. Consider a program that has the following services within their business relocation plan:
Employee during Business Relocation

  • Packing Supplies: Having to expense packing supplies out-of-pocket can be a cost that your employees aren’t able to pay. An all encompassing relocation program can offer a a full line of packing materials that can be included in your company’s relocation package.
  • Moving Help: Your company can determine how much or how little they want your employees to do. Moving help doesn’t have to be labor only- there are companies that can assist with pack/unpack, load/unload and even truck driving assistance.
  • Truck, Trailer and Towing Equipment: Your dedicated account management team can assist your employees in determining the right size truck based of the size of their move. When you’re finding the right business relocation program for your company, consider one that offers a full line of equipment from trucks to trailers. If your employees need to bring their vehicle to their new city, vehicle towing equipment is important.
  • Storage and Portable StorageWhen your employees are up against a fast approaching start date in their new city, there may not be time to find housing. Storage, both portable and tradition, can be the solution for them. Portable storage containers can be shipped and stored in the destination city while your employee finds a new home. Their goods can be delivered once they are settled.