Moving In Bad Weather

Moving in Bad WeatherMoving in bad weather can be challenging.  You don’t always get a choice on when you move and if the weather is not cooperating, there is nothing you can do about it. You can make the best of it by limiting your exposure to the cold snow or rain, which will make your move easier in the end. Here are some tips:

Stay Indoors As Much As Possible

Make sure that absolutely everything is organized and packed beforehand. This is a great tip for any move, but really essential when you’re moving in bad weather.  Start this early, and you will be better off when it is actually time to start loading your possessions into the truck. Once everything is packed and labeled, start planning out which items should go into the truck first. The best way to do this is to stage all your possession (if possible) in one area or by room.  Make sure you arrange these items by what you will need to access first when you reach your destination, that will determine the order you want them to be loaded.

Take Precautions

You don’t want your furniture or your possessions getting rained or snowed on. You will want to pull up your moving truck as close as you can to your door. Renting a cargo van can be a good option as well. The shorter height versus a moving truck may allow it to pull in to a covered garage or carport, or just get a little bit closer to your home. If you are renting a trailer, be will want to use an enclosed cargo trailer versus an open trailer.  If you will still have to walk through the open to get to where you have your moving van parked, purchase a tarp or two. Tarps are inexpensive and can be draped over your furniture as you load it. Another precaution you may want to take is to keep a mop or towel by the entrance to the truck. That way you can keep the area dry from blowing precipitation, or water that is tracked in by those loading the truck.

moving helpGet Help

Moving in bad weather is easier when there are more helping hands to speed things up. If you don’t have friends willing to volunteer to help you move in the snow, you can always use labor services like Moving Help. Hiring a couple of experienced professional Moving Helpers can immensely cut the time you need to move.  It isn’t just people either; there are tools you can use for additional help. Companies like U-Haul rent appliance dollies, utility dollies and furniture dollies that can save you work and get things loaded more quickly.

Dress appropriately for moving in bad weather.Dress Appropriately

You will want to dress for the type of weather you are experiencing. If it is raining you will want to wear a rain jacket and possibly rain pants. If it is very cold or snowing you will want to dress in layers. No matter what type of move you will want to make sure that you are wearing sturdy footwear with grippy soles. U-Haul truck ramps are textured to prevent slipping, but be careful of slippery surfaces that are wet or icy.

For more help and tips for moving in bad weather check out this post on safety tips for drivers conducting a winter move. Remember to be safe out there and have a great move, even if the weather refuses to cooperate with you.

Have you ever had to move in bad weather? How did you cope? Let us know in the comments!