How to Transport a Wheelchair

Not everyone has a huge trunk or an SUV to transport a wheelchair. This became apparent when traveling with a good friend of mine. Luckily I have a roomy trunk in my car that is big enough to fit a wheelchair.  In fact, one of the questions I asked the car dealer about prior to purchasing my car was, “is the trunk big enough to fit a wheelchair?” His answer was yes and I was sold!  Of course, not everyone will ask that particular question when getting ready to purchase a vehicle, but may still need to transport a wheelchair, scooter, or power chair.  There are more ways than “in your trunk” to transport a wheelchair, that are easy and simple.

Depending on whether you’re transporting a wheelchair, scooter or power chair, there are three electric and three manual lifts to choose from. 

Manual lifts

Tote wheelchair carrierThere are two manual wheelchair lifts. One is the Tote model 003 which is a basic non folding carrier which requires lifting but designed for a standard folding wheelchair. Another is the Tilt ‘N’ Tote model 001 which tilts down for loading and tilts up for storage. It is designed for a standard folding wheelchair. Easy to use and no lifting required.

For transporting a scooter or power chair, the Scooter & Power chair universal lift is great for either one.

Electric lifts

If you prefer electric, the Patriotic electric carrier makes loading and unloading simple. It’s as easy as pressing a button and the electric lift does it all with the help of the scooter platform. The Patriotic electric carrier fits 1.25″ and 2″ receivers.

Patriotic Electric Wheelchair Carrier

The Mid Drive Power Chair Electric Lift is similar to the Patriotic electric carrier but one advantage of this lift is the pocket for the Mid-Drive mobility device to rest in for secure travel.

The Lift ‘N’ Go Scooter Electric Lift has an available switch box which allows you to lift with a press of a button, includes two retractable ratchets for securing the chair and one wire harness.


Each of the electric lifts are capable of attaching the swing away accessory which are not included with the carrier. The swing away arm accessory make it very easy to access to the rear of your vehicle.

Swing Away Arm Accessory for Wheelchair Transport

Scooter CoverWhen transporting your scooter, one thing to keep in mind is the weather. Regardless if you’re traveling across the city or cross country, you do not want the sun rays or rain to cause  damage on your scooter. The scooter cover is great to keep your scooter protected from any type of weather and while in route to your next destination.


Traveling with an electric lift on your vehicle may tend to hide your license plate but to prevent blockage and any issues, the License Plate Kit is a necessity to have when traveling. This will help keep your license plate visible when transporting your wheel chair carrier electric lifts.

License plate kit

After selecting your manual or electric wheelchair lift, power chair or scooter carrier, there are no limits to where the open road can lead you. Happy and safe travels!

Have you ever needed to purchase a wheelchair or power chair carrier? Which would you prefer from manual or electric lifts? Tell us in the comment section below.