Distracted Driving Resources

distracted driving, distracted driving resources, NHTSA, Ad Council, stop the texts, stop the wrecks
Distracted Driving Resources billboard from NHTSA and the Ad Council. Just don’t look too long.

As a towing expert, I’m often talking to people about safe trailering practices, from properly selecting a hitch to proper cargo weight distribution. While these things are good to know, nothing is more important to driving safety than the simple act of being aware and attentive.

Whether you’re driving to work, school, or undertaking a more serious endeavor like a cross-country move, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that person in front of you; the one driving slowly, bouncing off the lane markers, seemingly unaware of the signal light change. You glance over and, sure enough, they’re focused on something other than the road. Perhaps it’s that little glowing message that simply cannot wait, or perhaps they’re attempting to clean up the soda that just dumped all over their center console, or perhaps they’re dealing with an unruly child in the backseat. Any of these scenarios present a distraction that takes the driver’s attention away from the road and the other people around them, and that’s not good.

Now, what if that person isn’t just the one you see on the road, but a friend or a loved one that persists in focusing on things other than driving when they’re behind the wheel? How do you talk with them about this behavior? Perhaps you’re an educator who would like some facts to present to young people just entering the driving population. Where can you get reliable information to help you, and them, better understand the very real danger that is distracted driving? Well, two of the best sources of information on the matter, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council, have teamed up with their “Stop the texts. Stop the wrecks.” campaign.

distracted driving, distracted driving resources, NHTSA, Ad Council, stop the texts, stop the wrecks
Seriously, you don’t.

But there’s clearly more to distracted driving than texting, and the following sites will help clarify the various ways we might be risking our lives without even knowing it.

Staying up to date on the newest driving tips makes the road safer for everyone, so talk to your loved ones about how to stay attentive when driving.

Share your own stories and suggestions about distracted driving below. Have any questions about further resources? Ask away! Let’s get people talking to end this problem.